The Kubota Company range of excavators

If you’re looking for an excavator rental, there are a series of impressive excavators by a renowned brand Kubota. You’ll be impressed with their built-quality and the features offered that make even extensive excavating jobs as easy as to breathe.

Excavators from Kubota come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and functions. From compact and ultra-compact excavators to mid-sized, Kubota brought you with a powerful, dependable, and efficient clean-running engine excavators that deliver low-noise and are perfect for all your excavating needs. You’ll get a lightweight of 0.8 tons all the way up to 8.2 tons.  

With so many series of excavators from Kubota, deciding the right type for excavator hire is a bit overwhelming. So, read this article before renting an excavator from the Kubota company to make a well-informed decision.    

The series of excavators by Kubota is reliable, durable, and are perfect for outstanding performance. You’ll get the most comprehensive range of both conventional swing and zero turn models. They are best for even the toughest of conditions. Kubota’s mini excavators are the most environmentally friendly excavators in its class. They are the most renowned excavators because of advanced features and amenities.

A mini excavator hire is both compact and has the power and versatility to take on almost any kind of task, even the toughest in the environment. These excavators are easy to operate and easy to maintain, at the same time. By following a fairly simple routine maintenance you can inspect and maintain quickly the engine and other major parts.

But thanks to the enhanced and improved technology, these Kubota’s excavators have improved digging and lifting power for smooth and timely drivability. Featuring with ECO PLUS, they have got exceptional fuel efficiency and it supports the environment by activating the “ECO MODE”. So, whether you’re working on building sites, heavy-duty construction sites, gardening, or even for forestry; Kubota excavators have got you covered.    

Conventional Swing Excavator

This particular series by Kubota features conventional swing excavators ranging from 0.8 to 8.2 tonnes. They are well-built as per responding to the needs of the customer and through continued innovation and development. The Kubota’s KX series are amongst the toughest excavators available on the market today. They are ideal for delivering superior performance and luxury comfort, the Kubota KX series has an excavator to meet every operator’s needs.

Zero tail Swing

The other category is of Zero Tail Swing excavators. This series by Kubota represents the most extensive lineup of sub 5 tonnes, zero tail swing excavators available in today’s market. It offers unmatched 360-degree maneuverability, the Kubota U Series feature 1.7 to 5.6 tonne zero turn excavators to meet every operator’s needs. Designed and built from the ground up, the Kubota U series offers best in a class breakout performance, superior comfort, and all-round versatility.