Ironman triathlete, openly bisexual member of Congress, who moved from green politics to centrist Democrat to thorn in Joe Biden's legislative agenda, Kyrsten Sinema has long defied easy categorization. On Friday she entered the next phase of her political life, announcing she was quitting the Democratic Party to sit as an independent

It is a custom for members of Congress, to ride aboard Air Force One whenever the president visits their state.

However, President Joe Biden was not accompanied by Kyrsten Snema, the state senator, when he made the trip to Phoenix Arizona.

Not so Rep. Ruben Gallego. He He tweeted a picture taken in the plane’s boardroom to make sure everyone knew he was there – a great profile boost for a man who is challenging Sinema for the Democratic Party nomination.

Friday’s revelation that Sinema was absent was clear. She was leaving the party, ending the possibility of a well-backed primary opponent.

She did what critics consider her to be the best: She She made a great gesture by breaking with her party on a point-of-principle while doing what was best for herself and her political future.

And she made the story about herself in a week where victory in Georgia meant Biden could rejoice having 51 Senate seats. Again.

An Ironman triathlon competitor and the first openly bisexual member in Congress, a Mormon-born Ironman triathlon competitor, was a writer for the Style pages of the New York Times. She has a reputation for defying all expectations and her unique clothes and hair earned her a mention on the style pages.

Perhaps until now.

Bisexual, Ironman triathlete, and a member of Congress who went from green politics to centrist Democrat, Kyrsten has long defied categorization. Friday was her first day in the next phase of her political journey. She announced that she was leaving the Democratic Party and will be sitting as an independent.

Fashion Writers Said She Wore Her Maverick Status On The Outside - Complete With Collection Of Colorful Wigs, Including This Lavender Item She Paired With Agreen Dress For A Vote In Congress In May 2020

Fashion writers claimed she wore her maverick status on one side and a collection of colorful hair wigs on the other. This lavender item was paired with an agreeable dress to cast her vote in Congress in May 2020.

‘SheBrad Bannon, a political strategist, said that ‘it’s extremely predictable if we look at it from Her point but few people are in D.C. think as she does’. She also saw that a senator who knew that Georgia’s extra Democratic vote meant she had lost some leverage.

“This is a move to keep her relevant in the Senate and position her for her reelection campaign against a strong Democratic nominee who could have defeated her in a primary.”

Her middle class to living-in-a-gas-station to law school and Congress story has become well known since she was elected to the Senate in 2018.

She Born in 1976 to a Tucson-based middle-class family.

Her Marilyn looked after the three children while Marilyn took care of her father.

But her family’s fortunes changed, and her father lost the job he held in the 1980s recession. Her 1983 saw the divorce of both parents.

Her According to AZCentral, Sinema’s mother remarried and took Sinema with her two other children to Florida. Sinema and the three other children stayed in Florida until Sinema was eleven years old. The family reportedly stayed in an abandoned gas station from eight to eleven years.

Sinema has spoken out about how her mom relied on food stamps after her parents divorced and when her family became homeless.

Her She grew up Mormon, and her parents and step-parents were Mormon.

Vice President Mike Pence Administers The Senate Oath Of Office To Kyrsten Sinema During A Mock Swearing In Ceremony In The Old Senate Chamber On Capitol Hill In Washington

Vice President Mike Pence administers to Kyrsten Sinema the Senate oath in a mock swearing-in ceremony in the Old Senate Chamber in Washington

Sinema Pictured In October 2021 When She Was Locked In Negotiations With The White House Over Biden'S $3 Trillion Spending Plans To Strengthen Th Esocial Safety Net And Rebuild Crumbling Infrastructure

Sinema pictured in October 2021 when she was locked in negotiations with the White House over Biden’s $3 trillion spending plans to strengthen th esocial safety net and rebuild crumbling infrastructure

In October, Sinema Presided Over The Senate In A Denim Vest Jacket Causing Twitter (Inevitably) To Explode, With Posters Wondering If She Had Mistaken Congress For The Rodeo

Sinema presided at the Senate in October wearing a denim vest jacket. This caused Twitter to explode and posters wondered if she mistook Congress for the rodeo.

Her family’s fortunes began to improve in 1987, when her stepfather and mother secured work and bought a house with the help from a church.

Sinema was awarded a scholarship to Brigham Young University by the Church of Latter Day Saints.

‘I have great respect for the LDS church – their commitment to family and taking care of each other is exemplary,’ Sinema said years later. ‘I just don’t believe the tenets of the faith that they believe.’

She After graduating from university, he left the church and embraced political activism quickly. He ran first as an independent Green Party candidate in the Arizona House. He was last.

She In 2004, she was a success with the Democratic Party, which led to a rise that saw a U.S. Senate seat for her in 2019.

There were many profiles, but most focused on her clothing choices and love for colorful wigs.

Sinema'S Clothing Often Carried A Message. She Picked Out Rainbow Sneakers For A News Conference After The Senate Advanced A Bill To Protect Same-Sex Marriage Last Month

Sinema’s clothes often had a message. She After the Senate passed a bill protecting same-sex marriage, rainbow sneakers were worn to a news conference

The New York Times highlighted that she was a maverick on her outside.

Tammy Haddad, co-founder of the White House Correspondents Weekend Insider, said: ‘If the other members of Congress had paid any attention to her clothing at all they would have known she wasn’t going to just follow the party line.’

Her The Senate wardrobe includes animal prints, lavender wigs and thigh-high boots.

Kyrsten Sinema is a denim vest wearing a vest that covers her shoulders and presides over the Senate

Last year, she wore a pink sweater that featured the logo “Dangerous Creature” on it. Sen. Mitt Romney was so pleased to hear that she was ‘breaking internet’.

It is possible for members of the Biden government to mistakenly believe she is trying break them.

She was seen as an example for bipartisan progress and working with Republicans to get things done. She Arizona’s other maverick was Senator John McCain.

She formed an awkward team with Sen. Joe Manchin, to push back against legislation which would pump trillions into public services and increase taxes.

She Manchin thwarted Democratic efforts to relax the filibuster to force through voting reform in this year’s election. She was censured by her state party. It also sparked talk of a primary challenge.

Sinema, on the other hand, was much more mysterious than Manchin.

Sinema With Biden And Other Senators After A Bipartisan Group Met At The White House To Discuss An Infrastructure Deal

Sinema with Biden, other senators, and others after a bipartisan meeting at the White House to discuss an Infrastructure Deal

Her Even Saturday Night Live was inspired by the position.

“What do you want from this bill?” Cecily Strong, playing Sinema asked Cecily. “I’ll Never Tell.”

Sinema, for her part, said that she didn’t understand the criticism.

According to the Washington Post, she said last year that she was always surprised when people say “Oh, she’s an Enigma”.

‘I’m not at all. I am very clear about what I believe and why I do what I do.

Others disagree. ‘I think she’s a c***,’ Alyssa Mastromonaco, former White House Deputy Chief of Staff under the Obama administration, told the hosts of “Pod Save America” at the start of the year.

Robert Shapiro of Columbia University’s Political Science Department stated that Sinema was more inclined to jump ship than Manchin, who was 75 years old and more closely linked to being a blue collar-oriented Democrat.

He said that Sinema is not a Democrat and that could be due to her being part a younger generation.

“Given this and the fact that Arizona voters might find independents appealing, this is not surprising.”