The iPhone Black and White Screen of Death: Here’s The Real Fix


Get the truth! There is no technical device without flaws. Even your most prized possession – iPhone, drops a bombshell when it sticks to the black and white screen of death. While the iPhone black screen to death makes the display unresponsive by being black, the problem of iPhone white screen to death, on the other hand, is spotted when the screen fades to white or blank. Though there can be varying reasons behind the two most undesired complications, the most common ones include hardware and software faults.

Since no iPhone owner would like to have their precious gadget in dire straits, we have come up to your rescue with the best ways to fix the iPhone black screen or white screen to death. Keep reading to root out the most suitable solution!

What Causes iPhone Black or White Screen Of Death and How To Fix?

The painful situation of iPhone white screen or black screen to death is because of plentiful issues. Here are a few most common culprits and ways to fix them like a pro.

Problem #1: Low Battery

Solution: Charge Your iPhone

One of the most usual reasons why your iPhone stuck to a black or white screen is the low battery. After all the battery of your device is drained, its system functions begin ceasing. Most of the time, it turns unresponsive, with a blank screen as the major symptom.

The clear and only solution to stamp out the problem is to put your iPhone on charge for about 30 minutes. Make sure to harness the original charger for the best results. In case you don’t spot a charging indication after plugging in the charger, executing the forced restart can help you out.

Problem #2: Crashed App

Solution: Relaunch The App Or Seek Apple Support

Have you ever struggled with an unresponsive or blank screen straight after you launched a new app? In reality, this is the case with many iPhone users when the newly added app becomes the grounds for the iPhone stuck on the Apple logo.

But as these things happen with all the users, you do need to panic. Take into account the following process to get rid of the issue.

Press the ‘Home’ button twice > Swipe the screen left or right > Swipe on the particular app and close it > Return to the home screen > Launch the app. 

If the errors still exist, we suggest you contact the app developer or seek Apple Support for professional guidance.

Problem #3: Hardware Fault

Solution: Contact Nearby Apple Store

Anyone will be taken aback when the iPhone accidentally falls or is soaked in the water. Simply because it destroys the hardware components of the system, ultimately resulting in the white or black screen to death. When such a fault is beyond your control, the better is to take advantage of your iPhone warranty coverage.

Visit the nearby Apple Store or iPhone repairing centre as soon as possible to get your device monitored precisely. They will replace the malfunctioning parts or work on the hardware glitch that is making your iPhone work corruptly.

Problem #4: Software Issues

Solution 1: Use System Recovery Software

If there isn’t any problem with hardware, the chances are that your iPhone software has been disrupted. Other than the aforesaid mentioned app crash, the issue occurs because of malware attack, unstable firmware and corrupt updates. iPhone error 4013 is the most common instance of software fault.

Though there are a few handy tips to win over the iPhone software issues, one of the most efficacious is to use the finest system recovery software. Dr.Fone – System Repair (iOS) is the impeccable solution we are talking about. Let’s dive into the competitiveness of this software that will help you eliminate the case of iPhone white and black screen to death without letting you lose your valuable data.

What Is Dr.Fone – System Repair (iOS)? 

It is one of the popular iOS system repair software that resolves challenging instances such as white/black screen to death, error 53, device hanging to the reboot loop, and more. What’s more incredible about the software is that it is compatible with both Windows and Mac and is remarkably in service for the victims. Get more familiar with Dr.Fone – System Repair (iOS) by checking out its below-listed A-list features.

  • Fix bountiful iOS issues without data loss
  • Easy and convenient to implement
  • Supports all the version of iPhone, iPad, and iPad touch
  • Fully compatible with the latest iOS 14
  • Sheerly secure and convenient

How To Fix The iPhone Black or White Screen To Death With Dr.Fone?

Dr.Fone is the hassle-free solution to fix the most annoying white screen or iPhone black screen to death. Keep in line with the following steps to make it possible.

  1. Launch Dr.Fone on your Windows or Mac
  2. Click on the option ‘System Repair’ on the welcome screen
  3. Connect your iPhone to the computer system
  4. Click on the ‘standard mode’ to start with the process
  5. Fill in the basic information about your iPhone as asked and move forward by clicking the ‘Start’ button
  6. Wait until the application install the firmware update for your device
  7. Once it is completed, the application will fix your phone automatically 
  8. You can start your iPhone on normal mode 

This is how you can get done with iOS system recovery with your supporting partner, ‘Dr.Fone’. The best part about the solution is that it retains all your data after fixing the problem in your iPhone device.

Solution 2: Restore Your iPhone via iTunes

The second solution to fix the software problem in your iPhone is to restore it via iTunes. The only yet the most unpleasant downside of the solution is that you can lose your data while fixing your iPhone on the recovery mode.

But for those who wish to continue with this solution, start by connecting your iPhone with the system and launch iTunes. Lead to the ‘Summary Tab’ and tap on ‘Restore iPhone’. After you click on ‘Restore’, iTunes will banish the complication of iPhone white or iPhone black screen to death.

Solution 3: Conduct A Forced Restart

To wipe out the random firmware crashes or other minor software issues, you can conduct a forced restart of your iPhone. Take into account the following steps to execute the process.

Press and hold power and volume buttons simultaneously for a few seconds > Wait until the Apple icon appears > Reboot the device to quash the black or white screen on iPhone.

Remember! For other iOS devices, you have to hold the power and volume buttons for more than 10 seconds to accomplish the aim.

The iPhone Black or White Screen of Death: Fixed!

Needless to say, iPhone black screen or iPhone white screen to death is a pain in the heart until one finds a prominent solution for it. Now that you have an idea about how to make your iPhone run smoothly and responsively, are you ready to relish the best user experience? Don’t forget to miss out on the phenomenal Dr.Fone – System Recovery (iOS) to give a thumbs down to the black and white screen on iPhone.