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The Intriguing Reason Why Doing Daily Planks Could Improve Your Sex Life, According to Experts

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Core strength is crucial to feeling stable and committed during sex, experts said.

Working out at the gym could help you get more exercise in the bedroom.

Specifically, doing exercises that strengthen core muscles and boost heart health are the most beneficial for sexual function.

Doing daily planks can help you strengthen your core muscles, which helps you move more easily during sex and improves your stability in various positions, said Dr. Rachel Zar, a Chicago-based sex therapist.

Stronger abs will help you perform other movements, whether pushes, squats, or grinding exercises, with greater ease.

Additionally, many of the supersensitive nerves from the genitals extend to the abdomen, connecting the entire circuit.

Core strength is crucial to feeling stable and committed during sex, experts said.

“Strengthening the core can really help with stamina during sex, helping you feel strong and solid in your body,” Ms. Zar, a Chicago-based sex therapist, told the New York Times.

Some women even get aroused when doing abdominal exercises, according to a 2011 study of 530 women from Indiana University Found.

This may sound like exercise fanatic fodder, but it has actually been described in scientific literature. already in 1953 – For some unknown reason, tensing and relaxing the core can lead to orgasm.

To reap the sexual benefits of a stronger core, Janelle Howell, a pelvic floor specialist in Chicago, told the NYT that doing one plank a day should dramatically improve your core strength, even if you can only hold it for ten seconds.

Celebrities often promote these types of exercises.

Hilaria Baldwin, yoga instructor and wife of actor Alec Baldwin, shared a Instagram Reel in 2023 doing basic exercises that helped her with her pelvic health after giving birth.

Mrs. Baldwin shared in the caption that doing these exercises relieved the lower back pain she had suffered since the birth of her son.

She said that while performing these poses, she tries to move from the inside, stimulating her pelvic floor muscles, which feels like “trying not to pee.”

As Ms. Baldwin points out here, many experts also recommend doing pelvic floor exercises to get your sexual health on track.

The pelvic floor is a dense system of muscles found around and between the genitals and anus. It is important for urinating, defecating and arousing both men and women.

You can become dysfunctional by either being too weak or too tight, so physical therapists recommend different exercises based on your unique symptoms.

About one in three women develops some type of pelvic floor dysfunction during their lifetime, according to gynecologists at the university of chicago.

In the case of men, pelvic floor disorder can manifest itself in problems getting and staying erect, as well as difficulties ejaculating. For women, this can manifest as incontinence and painful intercourse.

But doing sets of pelvic floor exercises, popularly known as Kegels, can help strengthen or relax these muscles and get back into shape, Dr Kate Lough, a pelvic health physiotherapist practicing in Glasgow, previously told the Daily Mail.

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The Intriguing Reason Why Doing Daily Planks Could Improve Your

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“If you go to the gym for six months you will see a difference, your shoulders and hamstrings might become more muscular; the same goes for your pelvic floor,” Dr Lough said.

A stereotypical Kegel exercise involves a person squeezing their pelvic floor muscles (the same ones you feel when you hold back some gas or urine) for a few seconds and then releasing the muscles completely.

a study of 64 Iranian women found that doing these types of pelvic floor exercises for three months decreased most symptoms of painful penetration.

Finally, experts like physical therapist Darlene Marshall told the NYT that doing cardiovascular exercise is crucial. The better your blood flows, the easier it will be for you to get aroused and stay aroused.

In men, blood flow is crucial to developing an erection. In women, blood flow stimulates lubrication.

Cardio is the easiest way to keep your heart healthy and, in turn, keep your pipes pumping blood efficiently. according to Johns Hopkins.

To get in shape for sex, you don’t have to be a marathon runner, but you should make sure you can tolerate low-intensity aerobic exercise, such as walking for at least 20 minutes, Marshall said.

Combining that with quick bursts of intense cardio exercises, such as sprinting, should ensure that you can handle whatever pace you and your partner prefer to follow in bed.

“The goal is to help the body avoid feeling overwhelmed, cardiovascularly, during sex,” Ms. Marshall said.

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