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The infuriating act at Taylor Swift Eras tour shows in Australia that ‘ruined’ the nights of thousands: ‘Thank god it’s over now’

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Taylor Swift fans have criticized concert-goers for

Australian Swifties are slamming concertgoers as “disrespectful” who ruined their experience at the Eras show by getting too drunk.

Fans reported seeing people sitting near them getting so drunk they had to leave before the concert started, spilling drinks on others, and even vomiting on other attendees.

Dozens of stories were shared online over the course of Taylor Swift’s seven Australian shows about drunk people ‘ruining’ some fans’ nights and even others considering selling out early.

However, most said they thought the drunk gamblers were just an example of “a few bad apples” and said they had an “amazing” experience in a sober crowd.

‘Good advice for fans! Please don’t drink too much anymore (b) vomit on the people sitting in front of you, b) your friends will take you out with your missing shoes before the show has even started,” one woman said after Saturday’s show.

The infuriating act at Taylor Swift Eras tour shows in

Taylor Swift fans have criticized concert-goers for “wasting” their tickets by getting drunk at Eras shows. One person said she was vomited on before the star went on stage.

“You’ve ruined your night, your friends’ night, and worse, some poor unsuspecting fans (and they were two separate occasions).”

One ticket holder said a woman vomited twice during the course of the show, while another said someone spilled eight drinks on her and the woman sitting next to her, as well as their belongings.

‘She “She kept hitting us in the head while we were dancing drunk and then she fell asleep halfway through the concert,” she said.

Another said something similar happened to her: she “vomited everywhere” during Sabrina Carpenter’s support act’s set.

‘There was also hardly any help from the staff. “I couldn’t exchange any friendship bracelets overnight because it smelled so bad and I stayed away,” she reported.

“It’s impressive that someone could spill that before the main act starts,” someone responded.

One mother said a woman was so drunk she couldn’t stand on her own and her friend had to hold her up for the entire three-hour show.

‘That was after she spilled her drinks on everyone around her and almost hit us all in the face with her arms swinging everywhere. “The woman next to her threatened to call security if she didn’t sit down,” she claimed.

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1709015230 73 The infuriating act at Taylor Swift Eras tour shows in

Many were shocked by the “horrible” stories, while the majority of those who attended said they saw no incidents of drunken behavior and said the crowd was “sober” and “unbelievable.”

‘My daughter was almost poisoned by the fumes emanating from the woman behind her! It’s quite pathetic that someone can’t enjoy a concert without getting drunk!’

Someone said they saw two women being escorted out of the venue for being drunk and sick in the stands.

‘A lovely man helped me and grabbed a bin bag and some wipes etc. It took a long time for the staff to arrive, but they finally did with a mop. It stunk! she said.

“If it’s alcohol that’s not there and being so drunk at a concert like that with people of all ages it shouldn’t be allowed.” If the lady was ill or ill, I suppose she can apologize. We really feel sorry for the women with vomit in their hair and clothes.’

One said the outfit they had spent hours putting together was ruined by drinks spilled by a drunk customer.

Many were shocked by the “horrible” stories, while some were deterred from attending the shows they had tickets for.

‘This makes me not want to go now. It’s causing me a lot of anxiety. I’m so sorry this happened to you. Some people are just disrespectful and disgusting. In my opinion they should be fined,” said one Swiftie.

‘Why the need to get so stupidly drunk in the first place?’ asked a second.

‘I love having a drink at a concert (one or two), but at Taylor?! You better believe I’ll be sober! The atmosphere will be better than any drink! And how can you miss a song to go to the bar? responded a third.

‘Chances are you don’t even remember the show! “Take two or three groups to relax and all that, but that’s really gross and ruins the experience for those around you,” someone agreed.

But others reported that they had not seen incidents of drunken behavior.

‘I’m only sharing my experience to calm the anxiety of people who may feel nervous. Our section 132 was amazing and everyone was responsible and attentive. We all sang and danced all night without any drama. No one was wasted or irresponsible,’ one woman responded.

We went last night and this morning we were talking about how unusually sober the crowd around us was. No queues at bars, lots of parents with small children. She felt really healthy,” wrote another.

‘I went on Saturday night and while there were people drinking around us, everyone was soaking up the atmosphere. “No one was drunk on OTT and it was a great experience,” added a third.

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