When you think about making and maintaining a level of happiness, you might realize that you are falling behind a little. Not because you are unhappy, it’s just that you spend a lot of the time doing the things that you don’t like doing, you might have a lot of arguments with your friends, your family or your significant other or you just feel bored a lot of the time. 

Maintaining happiness is quite difficult and can feel a little bit like a chore. Here are some ways that you can achieve, and maintain happiness, in a time when it’s really not that easy.

#1 Pursue your interests even if it is for a little bit of time every day

Taking the time to pursue your interests is a crucial way to be happy. If someone is doing something that they aren’t interested in, they aren’t going to be very happy – and if they aren’t interested in anything that they are doing, they aren’t going to be completely miserable. 

If this is you, you should be seriously thinking about what does make you happy, and you should be spending some time every day doing it. For example, if you are interested in strategy games, you might want to make sure that when you sit down on the bus or the train for your commute that you play some games such as online poker Australia to keep you entertained, even if it is simply fifteen minutes into work and fifteen minutes back before your busy home life continues. 

#2 Communicate your needs with your friends, family and significant other

Communicating your needs with those around you can be a great way to make the most of your relationships and friendships. Of course, people don’t have to know about every single detail of your life for you to be open with them. By simply making sure that they know your needs and that they know if something is wrong, you can feel fulfilled within your friendships and romantic relationships. 

Communicating and working your way through problems can also help you dull down the stress and worry in a relationship, and can leave you both happier and more satisfied within the relationship too. 

#3 Try new things as often as you can

Trying new things can be a great way to help you make the most of the opportunities around you. This is something that not enough people do. This doesn’t necessarily mean going out skydiving or living off the grid for a month (obviously, you can if you want to), but it can be something simple like watching a film you haven’t seen for a while, doing your daily walk around the other way, or maybe even taking up a new hobby like photography or yoga. 

Either way, you should really think about trying something new and really try to make the most out of every day, even if you are only trying something new once a month or bi-weekly.