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The impact of video games on people’s mindsets

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Certain passions are so powerful that they significantly influence our way of thinking, our general approach to life, pointing us in a very specific direction. People are used to thinking of their hobbies as mere filler, as a method of entertaining themselves and pleasantly passing the time, without dwelling with the necessary insistence on the real impact these hobbies can have toward their lives. Light activities should not be considered too lightly; on the contrary, it is even likely that our character and personality are formed precisely in the moments when we are completely relaxed and focused on our favorite activity, without thinking about anything else. 

These are moments of utmost importance when our authentic personality emerges, if only for a few minutes, manifesting itself in all its glory. This often happens with sports activities, with those that require a certain amount of passion and attention, such as hobbies related to comic books or collecting, but also with the whole range of online activities that nowadays keep millions and millions of people around the world glued to their bright screens, ranging from the world of video games to movie entertainment, thanks to the popular online platforms dedicated to visual content that can be screened in seconds, from anywhere, at any time. 

Late results 

In some cases, the effects of these pastimes on people’s psychology are only noticed later, sometimes even several years later, especially in cases where a particular hobby has been temporarily put aside or shelved. While we are at work, engaged perhaps in a difficult decision of a strategic nature, we suddenly realize that the choice, for us, is extremely simple, because our mind is somehow already trained to travel these paths and solve problems faster, perhaps because of a hobby or pastime that, in previous years, has adequately prepared us to deal with these kinds of situations. 

To understand these concepts, it will be sufficient to cite the example of video games, and in particular those of a strategic nature, which force the player to use every last resource of his intellect to arrange his pawns in a certain way and thus get closer to the final victory, or to the achievement of a particular goal set by the game. 

The strategic approach 

Playing Video games such as Age of Empires or Kohan: immortal sovreigns, which partly revolutionized the world of gaming some twenty years ago, have quietly formed a generation of strategists and extremely decisive people, who always try to solve complex situations with a calm and well-considered approach, like a true calculator, without ever proving insecure or hesitant. 

This was mostly due to the peculiar structure of the video games, which assigned players a certain town or plot of land in which to develop their village, immediately confronting them with the risks due to enemy attacks and the need to put up an effective defense that could save the situation and ensure the survival of their people. These kinds of campaigns, tackled perhaps for hours on end at the most delicate stage of an individual’s life (as early adolescence can be), undoubtedly had a noticeable effect on the person’s intellect, mental, practical and interpersonal skills, transforming him well in advance into a skilled (and very young) decision-maker. 

The advent of online video games has added another essential element, namely the ability to interact in real time with other people, thus giving the most skilled players the opportunity to command others and direct their actions in some way, in the hope of hitting the common goal of that particular campaign. All this will not only facilitate the individual’s human and interpersonal skills, but also his leadership, immediately placing him in the best position to assume leadership roles in the workplace as well, when the time comes. 

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The activities you dabble in today can play a decisive role on your life tomorrow, making it easier and much happier. 

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