The Hydrogen One now only costs $ 645, which is $ 645 more than you should spend on it

Almost a year after launch, RED lowered the price on its Hydrogen One smartphone to $ 645 – a price that is still too expensive for what you get, and even at launch, not all of the phone's shortcomings would be justified. The price decrease of 50 percent, spotted by Sascha Segan van PCMag, appears to be implemented on The RED website sometime in the past week. The phone was originally sold for $ 1,295.


Even with this dramatic price drop, the Hydrogen One remains a terrible deal. A brand new iPhone 11 – a noticeably better phone, with much better cameras & video recording capabilities (something RED fans might care) – costs just $ 54 more. And most year-old phones are even cheaper: the iPhone XR has now dropped to $ 599 and the Pixel 3 from Google has fallen to $ 499. They are both better phones.

At the same time, RED was far too ambitious and had absolutely no idea when it comes to producing its first telephone. The beloved camera company went with an unusual design, added to a modular port for high-quality camera accessories, and included a "holographic" 3D display that should be the future of filmmaking, or something like that. But the screen was poor during normal 2D viewing and even worse during 3D viewing, and even the cameras didn't meet anything near RED quality. Not only that, but the phone also debuted with a year-old processor due to persistent production delays.

The Hydrogen One is even less attractive a year out, with the promised add-on camera module still and development plans completely unclear. RED announced plans for a Hydrogen Two in July, and then CEO Jim Jannard said that a camera add-on was still underway and would support both phones.

I would be surprised that RED is still selling the Hydrogen One, but I doubt the company has even sold its first production run. Now at least the phone has fallen to a price that feels less like a joke – or at least, if it had debuted for this price a year ago.

The Titanium version of the Hydrogen One has also undergone a price reduction, up to $ 895. The telephone is still available at the full price via Verizon.