The hotel’s sous chef, 25, has been jailed for 24 years for raping five women


A hotel sous chef is in prison for 24 years for raping five women after bombarding two with fortified drinks for 18 months.

Tom Wade-Allison, 25, made drinks for some of the victims, leaving them feeling ‘drained’, exhausted, and in an ‘out of body experience’.

The court heard that he had drugged a number of young women with an unknown ‘substance’ to make them vulnerable to what one judge called his ‘rape campaign’ in Somerset and East Devon.

Judge Timothy Rose said, “You remain a danger to women. You have a deeply misogynistic view of women with your predatory sexual attention and no thoughts or feelings towards them.

“You drugged them or you certainly benefited from their disorientation and intoxication.”

Tom Wade-Allison (pictured), 25, made drinks for two of the victims, leaving them ’empty’, exhausted and as if they were in an ‘out of body experience’

The judge said he was “quite certain” that he drugged two of the victims, causing them to lose consciousness and self-control “to facilitate sexual acts with them.”

He said Wade-Allison was “aggressively pushing” on his victims, whom he knew would not agree.

“You were encouraged because you just got away with it,” Judge Rose said.

‘You did what you wanted to do with them by using your physical advantage over them, aggressively and roughly. You felt that you were entitled to your victims. ‘

One of the victims, who said she was strong and outgoing before the rape, told the court in a victim impact statement that this made her feel “ violated and dirty. ”

She said, “I was vulnerable and that situation has been greatly exacerbated by his actions. Facing is now a privilege and this has eroded my confidence in men. ‘

He should never get out of prison, she said, adding, “My life will never be the same again, my future is permanently dark and troubled.”

Prosecutor Lee Bremridge had told Exeter Crown Court that the case was “about the sexual assault, rape and attempted rape of five young women over an 18-month period in 2016 and 2017.”

The court heard that he had drugged a number of young women with an unknown 'substance' to make them vulnerable to what one judge called his 'rape campaign' in Somerset and East Devon.  Pictured, Wade-Allison

The court heard that he had drugged a number of young women with an unknown ‘substance’ to make them vulnerable to what one judge called his ‘rape campaign’ in Somerset and East Devon. Pictured, Wade-Allison

The victims were between 17 and 20 years old at the time and Wade-Allison was 20 and 21 years old and had no previous convictions.

Mr. Bremridge said a common feature of the case was that the young women would get very drunk very quickly.

One victim claimed that Wade-Allison, who is now 25, made her a gin and tonic.

Mr. Bremridge said, “She didn’t see him save. She drank it and then didn’t remember anything. ‘

Another victim said Wade-Allison asked her to try a new drink he made. She said she tried to go to bed but struggled to get up the stairs because ‘it just took too much effort’.

Mr. Bremridge told the court that Wade Allison sexually assaulted the young women while they were in a state or because of the state in which he deliberately brought them in.

He said the victims were unable to agree to what he had done to them.

Police opened an investigation after a victim was hospitalized after she blacked out without remembering the night.

CCTV showed Wade-Allison holding her up as she staggered back to his room along a road and once there he would have stripped her and sexually assaulted her.

When the police made inquiries, four other young women came forward claiming that ‘similar things had happened to them’.

Wade-Allison had denied a total of 14 charges of sex and told the jury that there was a mutual consent.

He still denies the nine rapes, one attempted rape, three assaults by penetration and one sexual assault, his attorney Nigel Wraith said.

Judge Rose said, “I have faced nine rapes over a 20-month period on seven different occasions against five different victims.”

One victim told the court that he made her a gin and tonic and said, “I drank it. I just can’t remember after that. In the morning I woke up naked next to him. It was kind of strange. ‘

She said she was ‘in and out of consciousness’ when he had sex with her and later kicked him in the stomach as he repeatedly tried to force himself on her.

She asked him ‘why’ in a text message and he replied, ‘All I can do is apologize over and over again. There was clearly a small part of my brain that thought it was okay. ‘

In another text to another victim, he wrote, “What happened, happened, I’m not exactly happy with the whole thing.”

He added that it was a ‘drunken mistake that shouldn’t have happened’.

He told his attorney Nigel Wraith that one of the girls was in bed with him and “got back and swallowed her bottom” inside him, which turned him on.

He said, ‘I didn’t rape her, it was consensual sex. It was consensual sex with everyone. ‘

He told the jury that he had not raped or sexually assaulted anyone, nor purchased or acquired intoxicating drugs, or searched the Internet.

Prosecutor Lee Bremridge said the victims all had something in common.

He said: “They would all have had sexual effects if they were heavily intoxicated. That’s what happened, you sexually abuse women. ‘

He denied the claim, saying that most of the women, who were between the ages of 17 and 20, responded to the complaint from one of them.

Wade-Allison, from Martock, Somerset, said he believed they had come forward to support the case against him and told lies to help that case against him.

He claimed it was a coincidence that three of the women ended up in a similar condition after drinking with him.

Wade-Allison will serve 16 years in prison before being released with a license and placed on the sex offender registry for life.

The judge also praised the victims’ courage to report the matter to the police. The force has also been praised for their research.