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The Horizon Burning Shores singer receives abusive messages over her homosexuality and romantic orientation


Anger is still the master of the situation among the vast majority of players, especially among fans and lovers of the Horizon series, after the release of the Horizon Burning Shores expansion, which contained some scenes of anomalies outside of human nature.

We addressed this issue a few hours after the release of this addition in a previous article entitled “The Burning Shores expansion of the game Horizon Forbidden West confirms the abnormality of the heroine’s personality”, which you can view in order to understand the details further.

But it seems that this matter still angers the fans of the game, and it does not seem that this matter will proceed naturally at all, as negative reactions continue towards the agenda adopted by the developer. Guerrilla In this expansion, which many players around the world were waiting for, they expressed their dissatisfaction by sending offensive and harsh messages to the game singer, Julie Elven, who recently tweeted viat her Twitter accountShare the harassment you are experiencing because of this.

I keep getting many, many angry DMs from gamers, where my voice is being featured in a scene in the game expansion that they see as ‘propaganda for the LGBTQ+ community’

Among the angry messages and reactions to which the singer is subjected, is the accusation that she destroyed and sabotaged the entire Horizon series, even though she only contributed to the composition of the Burning Shores music, and had nothing to do with the anomalous scenes. At the same time Elven received messages of love and solidarity from other players.

After the bomb campaign of bad ratings that the game was subjected to, and its ratings reached less than 2/10 on global ratings sites, then each of the Metacritic and Opencritic to remove a large number of negative reviews.

You, our followers, do you think that this matter deserves the continuation of this attack?

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