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The Hollywood Reporter nominated for 46 SoCal Journalism Awards, including Best Website and Best Album Cover


The Hollywood Reporter has received 46 nominations for the 65th Annual SoCal Journalism Awards, including Best Website, Best Investigative Story and Best Cover.

Rebecca Keegan has also been nominated for journalist of the year in the print category (over 50,000 copies).

In addition, Seth Abramovitch, Samuel Braslow, Kim Masters and Scott Roxborough all received nominations for best investigative story in a magazine. Daniel Fienberg and Angie Han are among the nominees in the TV criticism category, as well as David Rooney in the film criticism category.

Heat Vision, THR, Esq. and The Live Feed also received nominations for best group blog.

The SoCal Journalism Awards gala will be held June 25 at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles.

A complete list of THRs nominations follow. See the full list of names here.


Printing, more than 50,000 editions
Rebecca Kegan

ALL MEDIA PLATFORMS – Print, Radio, Podcast, TV or Online.

Technology reporting
Alex Weprin and J. Clara Chan, “Social Media Giants to Top Creators: Your Terms of Service Have Changed”

Multimedia package
The Hollywood Reporter“Sustainability Issue”

Commentary/Analysis of TV
Lesley Goldberg, “Why HBO Canceled ‘Westworld'”

Criticism of television
Daniel Fienberg — ‘Fleishman is in Trouble’, ‘Dahmer’, ‘The US and the Holocaust’
Angie Han – ‘Mo’, ‘Eastern New York’, ‘A League of Its Own’

Film criticism
David Rooney

PRINT/ONLINE – EVERY POINT OF SALE, including news agencies and correspondents

Obituary/In Appreciation – Film/TV Personalities
David Rooney, “Critics Appreciation: Angela Lansbury, A Class Act of a Disappearing Breed”

Gender and society
Rebecca Keegan, “She wrote the memo that helped take down Harvey Weinstein. She’s finally ready to talk.

ART/PHOTOGRAPHY – All platforms

Portrait photo, entertainment
Ash Barhamand, Jenny Sargent, Peter B. Cury, Austin Hargrave, “Tilda Swinton”
Ash Barhamand, Jenny Sargent, Peter B. Cury, Erik Tanner, “The Riddle of Paul Dano”

Entertainment photo
Ash Barhamand, Kayla Landrum, Peter B. Cury, Jingna Zhang, “Michelle Yeoh”

Peter B. Cury, Neil Davies, “Tokyo Vice”
Peter B. Cury, Nicole Rifkin, ‘Postdramatic Stress’

Animation/moving image
Peter B. Cury, Kelsey Stefanson, Rafael Varona, “The Sustainability Issue Cover”

Cover design
Ash Barhamand, Peter B. Cury, Christian Cody, “Lupita Nyong’o”

Page design
Christopher Hawkins, Christian Cody, “Lupita Nyong’o”


Lifestyle function
Kirsten Chuba, “The Art – And Trials – Of Showing Tattoos In TV And Movies”

Race and society
Rebecca Sun, “Hollywood’s Chief Diversity Officers Tell All”

MAGAZINES, including magazines with LA desks

Seth Abramovitch, “Puppet Makers Revolt Against the Puppet Masters”
Samuel Braslow, “Is Eric Weinberg Hollywood’s Most Prolific Predator?”
Kim Masters and Samuel Braslow, “‘Hiding in plain sight’: After being fired from ‘Scrubs’ for misconduct, alleged rapist Eric Weinberg continued to work”
Scott Roxborough, “Did Oscar winner Asghar Farhadi steal the idea for ‘A Hero’?”

Feature film/TV, over 1000 words
Seth Abramovitz, “Kitty Kelley, Queen of Unauthorized Biography, Spills Her Own Secrets”
Gary Baum, “The Many Lives and Dying Words of Aesop Aquarian”

Feature, less than 1000 words
Ryan Gajewski, “Hollywood Flashback: In 1966, ‘The Russians Are Coming’ Tackled The Cold War With Comedy”

Entertainment function
Lacey Rose, “In the Final Days of ‘The Wendy Williams Show’”

Personality profile, movie personalities
James Hibberd, “Sylvester Stallone Gets Candid About Career, Regrets, Feuds: ‘I Thought I Knew It All'”

Personality profile, tv personalities
Seija Rankin, “Sydney Sweeney on Fame, Hollywood Fakery and the Pressure to Pay the Bills”

Personality profile, political/business/art personalities
Gary Baum, “Better Call Brad: Hollywood’s Secret Troubleshooter Speaks”

TELEVISION/FILM – Broadcast, including online and cable television, produced in Southern California

Entertainment Personality Profile/Interview
Lesley Corral, Rebecca Keegan, Jonathan Suhadolnik, “James Cameron shares stories behind his iconic film lines from ‘Titanic’ to ‘Avatar’”


Entertainment reporting
Seth Abramovitch, “It Happened in Hollywood – Susan Seidelman: Desperate for Susan”
Lesley Goldberg, Daniel Fienberg, “’TV’s Top 5′: John Landgraf on the State of FX; Inside Franchise hopes for ‘All American’”

ONLINE – For work published exclusively on the Internet

Entertainment news on film/broadcast
Mia Galuppo, The Hollywood Reporter, “The Search for Madonna: Inside the Auditions for the Material Girl’s Biopic”

Entertainment news about music/performing arts
Mesfin Fekadu, “Nicki Minaj’s “Super Freaky Girl” Kicked Out Of Grammy Rap Category, Will Compete In Pop (Exclusive)”

News article, film/broadcast
Katie Kilkenny, Gary Baum, The Hollywood Reporter, “Les Moonves’ Compromised Agent: Hollywood Ties, Complicated Past”

Entertainment function on TV/Radio
Beatrice Verhoeven, “How ‘Invent Anna’, ‘Angeline’ and more serials went from magazine pages to the small screen”

Entertainment commentary on TV/film
Lovia Gyaryke, “Critic’s Notebook: ‘Rothaniel’ and Jerrod Carmichael’s Stunning Act of Faith”

Blog, individual
Scott Feinberg, “The Race”

Blogging, group
Aaron Couch and Borys Kit, “Heat Vision”
Ashley Cullins and Winston Cho, “THR, Esq.”
Lesley Goldberg, Rick Porter, James Hibberd and Jackie Strause, “The Live Feed”

Website, traditional news organization
The Hollywood Reporter Staff, The Hollywood Reporter

SOCIAL MEDIA – Judged on content, creativity and engagement

Best use of social media to improve and/or cover a story by a group
Ryan Fish, Christy Pina, Nekesa Moody, “Blackfamous Roundtable”
Ryan Fish, Christy Pina, James Hibberd, “Inside ‘House of the Dragon’”
Ryan Fish, Anaja Smith, Rebecca Keegan, Lesley Corral, photo team, “Lupita Nyong’o Forever Cover Story”

Merry C. Vega is a highly respected and accomplished news author. She began her career as a journalist, covering local news for a small-town newspaper. She quickly gained a reputation for her thorough reporting and ability to uncover the truth.

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