The Health Benefits of Playing Board Games


It’s always a good idea to look for fun ways to maintain your health. After all, if you can find an activity that combines having fun with taking care of your body and mind, it is much easier to turn that activity into a habit. And it turns out that playing board games is one of the activities that help with both. Here are some of the ways board games can help you stay healthy.

1 – Exercise your memory

There are hundreds of different board games in the market, all with different rules and requirements. Most of them have one or more elements that incentivize players to think critically and remember useful facts and rules to succeed. This incentive means that playing board games can be an accessible way to keep your mind sharp while also having fun.

Games with a strategy element are usually best at this. This may make you think of household names like Chess and Monopoly, but all the best trivia board games in the market also include some level of strategy in the game to keep it more interesting. Boom Again is a good example of this. The game focuses on trivia related to the culture experienced by the Boomer generation, and it has some clever rules with its point system that incentivize both teams need to be strategic about how they allocate their efforts to win the game.

2 – Reduce stress levels

The damage caused by stress should not be underestimated. Stress hormones can increase your blood pressure, mess up your sleep, make you more likely to gain weight, increase your chances of developing a heart condition, and much more. Stress is one of our society’s silent killers, and you should keep an eye out for a chance to deal with it.

Board games offer a combination of attributes that make them great at helping modern people relax. They are group activities — which help give us some much-needed face-to-face time with other people — and they are analog. You get to touch cards and pieces, setting aside your phone and computer to play without fear of being distracted by a work email.

Of course, face-to-face meetings have become harder in the last few months. But most board games can still be enjoyed through video calls.

3 – Prevent cognitive decline

Thanks to all the attributes listed above, board games become more valuable to your health as you grow older. Modern city dwellers as a whole seem to be going through a loneliness crisis, but statistically, it’s a lot easier to meet more people and make new friends when you are young.

As you get older, being part of an active board game community can be a great way to keep meeting new people and stay connected with old friends. It can be a path for you to connect with younger generations of your family, as board games age much more gracefully than their digital counterparts.

Of course, all the memory and other cognitive benefits of board games become even more important for an older mind. Some studies have pointed out those who regularly play board games are at a reduced risk of developing dementia, for example.