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The head of the company that developed “GBT Chat”: Government intervention to regulate artificial intelligence is necessary


The remarkable interest in artificial intelligence technology is equivalent to warning of its danger and its ability to manipulate and mislead its users by spreading false news.

At a time when the artificial intelligence system “Chat GBT” attracted the world’s attention, especially technology enthusiasts, attempts began to use it to produce high-quality digital content, which may reduce dependence on the human element in the future. Scientists and researchers have warned that this could contribute to misleading users and spreading fake news.

That is why the CEO of OpenAI, the developer of Chat GBT, Sam Altman assured the US Senate on Tuesday that regulating artificial intelligence is necessary, after his program shocked the world.

“We believe that regulatory intervention by governments will be necessary to mitigate the risks of models that are getting stronger,” Altman said at a US Senate hearing on the impact of artificial intelligence.

The “ChatGBT” software sparked widespread interest in the world in generative artificial intelligence after it was introduced to use at the end of last year, due to its ability to create elaborate texts such as emails, articles, poems, informational programs or translations, in just seconds.

But the posting of fake images on social media, more real than the real ones, created by apps such as Midjourney, has warned of the dangers of manipulating public opinion.

Scientific figures have also called for suspending the development of stronger systems, pending the issuance of a law to better regulate them.

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