The Growing World of Entertainment Betting

When you think of bookmakers and the betting industry, the first thing that comes into your mind will no doubt be sports betting. This is by far the most popular way of betting, but it is not the only way to bet with your bookmaker.

The sports betting industry is hugely competitive and for that reason, bookmakers need to try a number of different things in order to stand out.

This usually comes in the form of bigger odds and welcome bonuses to new players. The bonuses on the Free Bets UK website are a typical example of how good these can be, they are an important tool that bookmakers use.

These are great to try and attract new sports gamblers, but what about those who don’t like sport, what can be done to attract them to betting? You may think there is nothing to bet on other than sport, but you would be wrong and this is another area the bookmakers are now targeting.

Betting on TV & Film

The entertainment industry covers a wide variety of different things, but this is where TV & film are grouped together. It is here where you will find bookmakers focusing at the moment and trying to find new betting ideas for their customers who don’t like sport.

What bookmakers have realised recently is that anything that has an outcome can be gambled on, and people are waiting to place their bets.

When looking at the entertainment industry as a whole, the biggest yearly events are award ceremonies where the biggest and best shows are up against each other.

There is an outcome here, either one chosen by experts or in some cases the public, so this can now be gambled on. If you watch a lot of TV and film, you can back your favourites by betting on The Oscars, the Golden Globes and BAFTA awards.

Reality TV Betting

However, if there is a real area of growth when it comes to betting on the entertainment industry then this is on reality TV shows.

These shows are popular all over the world, and every single show has either a winning person, couple or group so there is something easy to bet on.

When people are discussing these shows with friends, work colleagues or family, everyone in the discussion will have an opinion on who they think will win. Bookmakers offer the chance to bet on that opinion, with simple betting markets that can match up with what everyone is thinking.

The phenomenon of reality TV has changed TV as we know it over the past couple of decades, and it is now beginning to move into the betting industry.

An Area of Opportunity for Bookmakers?

This is certainly an area of opportunity for the bookmaker, who find themselves increasingly squeezed by the competition in their industry.

When it comes to sport, there is little else that can be done to try and attract new players, the betting markets have grown, the odds are competitive and big welcome offers are in place.

Therefore, they need to look elsewhere and think outside of the box. We have seen them do this and increase their service to offer things such as betting on the entertainment industry. This now goes alongside political betting and eSports as something the bookmakers offer that is not connected to sport.

Assuming things go well, which seems highly likely given the popularity of reality TV, then we could see a lot more from the bookmakers focusing on entertainment and other things away from sporting events.