The great demand of Victoria's drug injection room drives expansion

The injecting room at the North Richmond Community Health is set for an expansion.

The new safe injection room in Melbourne is expected to expand a few months after opening in an overdose area in the city center.

About 8,000 people have used the supervised injection room at the North Richmond Community Health Center since the end of June and the staff has responded to 140 overdoses, the government says.

The facilities in the injection room.


The construction of a $ 4.9 million publicly funded facility in the downtown parking lot should begin in September.

The new building aims to keep up with the high demand of the injection room and promote the treatment and advice provided.

"Two months later, the medically supervised injection ward is doing exactly what we expected – it is saving lives," Housing, Disability and Aging Minister Martin Foley told reporters Friday.

Without the center, the minister said that people would have overdosed "in alleys, in parking lots, in the school yard and as a result suffered a terrible and lonely trauma, and unfortunately too many deaths."

The medical director of the center, Dr. Nico Clark.

The medical director of the center, Dr. Nico Clark.


Its medical director, Dr. Nico Clark, said that drug users were "very happy" with the service.

"They feel it's a safe place for them, a place where they can have positive interaction with the health staff and where they can not only use the medications they are using safely, but they also find access to other treatments," he said. .

The injection room is modeled at the Kings Cross Center in Sydney. It is planned to be revised in 2020 and possibly extended for another year.