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The General Supervisor of House of the Dragon is looking forward to Season 2 now that all the ‘pieces’ are in place


House of the Dragon General Supervisor Ryan Condal explained how the first season of the Game of Thrones spin-off sets the stage for an exciting second season.

Where Condal spoke with Deadline about his plans for House of the Dragon season 2 now that all the “pieces” are in place for the first season. He admitted that it was difficult to introduce new characters and tell “a story of three generations” in one season, but this is only the beginning.

“I’m excited to pick up where we left off,” he said. “We’ve done the hard, intricate work of establishing this dynasty and all-new family and all the players in Season 1, and we’ve taken our time to do character solidification so you know everyone’s position along the way who’s on Alicent’s side, or On Aegon’s side, or are they on Rainera and Damon’s side.”

Reports say that the second season will consist of only eight episodes, two fewer than the first season. But Condal is sure that’s enough to get the story moving as well as provide all the drama now that King Viserys is no longer around to sit on the throne.

“We did the hard, intricate work of establishing this brand new strain and family.

“The excitement is that now we get into the traditional rhythms of storytelling and see where this story goes,” said Condal. “We always talked about this particular tale, and George talked about it as well, about it being a Shakespearean or a Greek tragedy.”

He continued, “While the original series was like a sweeping epic fantasy, about light and dark, ice and fire, this series is very much about a family tearing itself apart from the inside. Now that all of those pieces are on the board, I’m excited to tell the story of the chapter.” Next, to see what happens now that Viserys is gone and he’s no longer in control.”

If all goes as planned, House of the Dragon could potentially end up with four seasons or more, especially since the source material, the novel Fire & Blood, is long to cover the nearly 150-year history of Westeros under Targaryen rule, and ends with Dance. of the Dragons.

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