The Geekiest Stuff You Can Gift To An Avid Card Collector

A lot of people struggle to give gifts to their friends, but there are a few individuals that are easy to please. Card collectors are actually the easiest people to give. There are a lot of ways you can supplement their hobby, so if you have a friend or family that’s into cards, you are in luck.

The obvious answer would be to give the person a deck of new cards from the collection they are trying to get the most out of. However, it’s not really wise to do this as you could end up giving your geeky friend a card that they already have. As such, you might want to consider these things instead.

Card Sleeves

Card collectors go to extreme ends to protect their cards. Those that are into card collecting in hopes of preserving the cards and having them sold in the future should invest in card sleeves. If you have a friend that’s into cards solely for the purpose of collecting, then this is the best gift to give.

Card sleeves come in all shapes and sizes to fit the various cards out there. At the end of the day, it all really boils down to the brand and the material of the card sleeves. If it’s the protection we are talking about, then matted card sleeves are the best choice for card collectors.

When buying card sleeves, make sure that you get enough for your friend. There are packs that have a total of 100 card sleeves each. It’s very important that you assure the quality and the size of the card sleeves. If they don’t fit well, the card sleeves will be rendered unusable by your friend, and that’s obviously not ideal.


Your friend doesn’t just probably love collecting cards. They should also love competitively playing these cards as well. If you want to keep your friend satisfied and prepared to battle it out with others regularly, you might want to consider getting a playmat for them instead.

Playmats are basically protective playing areas for cards. These can also serve as guiding playing fields that players can use to play games as properly as possible. All card collectors that play competitively should always have a play mat by their side as it is one of the essentials to have.

If you do choose to give your friend a playing mat, make sure to pick one wisely. There are specific play mats for certain games. For instance, if your friend is involved in Yu-Gi-Oh, there are specific play mats for it, and you can check them out here. It’s also a good idea to give them customized play mats as well for a touch of uniqueness.

Display Case

Your friend might have some priced cards in their possession that they would love to show off every once in a while. If this is indeed the case, then you might want to get them a display case. This is a good way for them to showcase their best cards, especially if they want said cards to stay protected as well.

Most display cases have a glass cover so that it’s very easy to highlight the cards. There are some display cases that can stand on their own, while there are some that can be hung up on walls. In our opinion, those that can be hung on walls are the best kind.

Alternatively, you can get card stands if your friend already has a display case for his favorite cards. A car stand can help them further showcase the cards that you have.

Rare Cards

If you have the budget to spend, you should get a rare card for your friend. What’s good about rare cards is that you don’t need to gamble on decks to be able to get one. Look for specific rare cards online, and you’ll most likely be able to find one that your friend will definitely like.

However, rare cards are very expensive. For instance, the rarest Magic the Gathering card is the Black Lotus. A single unit can cost $100,000-$250,000. As such, it’s an expensive gift to get, but it’s one that your friend will surely remember and appreciate if received.


These are the best gifts to give to your friend that loves card collecting. If you want to please them this Christmas, on their birthday, or during just a regular day, it would be a wise decision to get these cards as they’re bound to appreciate it.