The Future Is Sustainable & Safe Flexible Packaging

Finding the right way to present your goods to customers is the key to making the appeal to them in person in stores, which is where many customers will encounter your brand for the first time. The right packaging also gives you striking visual design to work with in other media, too. That means finding out what kind of packaging trends are appealing to consumers today has to be the first order of business for any company that sells goods off the shelf. For food companies, it’s even more important, because the packaging needs to appeal to the buyer visually while demonstrating its ability to keep food fresh and undamaged. That’s a tall order, and to top it all off, today’s consumers are looking for more than just functional packaging. They’re also looking for easy to use, safe options that are also safe for the environment.

Rising Environmental Consciousness

Conservation has enjoyed a strong role in American social mores and politics for over a century, with presidents like Theodore Roosevelt and Dwight Eisenhower making strong arguments for the preservation of open spaces and shared national resources. Appealing to those concerned with the preservation of nature has had its place in marketing, especially marketing food, that entire time. With the rising awareness among member of the public that those resources are limited and waste depletes them, recent decades have seen this shift from a niche attitude held by many people to a dominant belief that is held as truth to many. As such, it is driving more and more consumer choice, making environmentally friendly packaging as strong a sell point as healthy ingredients for some food brands.

Changing Environmental Laws Around the World

With the rise in awareness about climate change and other environmental issues, supplement packaging companies have also had to contend with a shifting legal landscape while working to meet consumer demands. Increased standards for safety have made child resistant packaging an important feature for many manufacturers, especially those in the emerging field of cannabis and CBD products. Those demands have happened alongside more and more stringent environmental standards in many locations, leading to a requirement that packaging not only be safe and durable, but also sustainably designed and manufactured. That’s a tall order, and it’s no wonder so many businesses are working with professionals to design and implement next-generation flexible packaging options for their brands.

Finding Your Next Packaging Design

Finding the right sustainable flexible packaging form and fitting the perfect graphics to it can be easy, if you work with the people who understand these new trends. Innovative packaging specialists have managed to increase the quality of resealable and tamper-proof containers while making them easier to fit into practically any display landscape. From flexible pouches that stand up to air packaging for fragile items like chips and crackers, finding the right fit for your business is as simple as bringing your needs to the innovators who have already shown they can bend to meet the demands that customers and regulatory agencies alike are putting on manufacturers in 2020.