The four S & # 039; s of managed WordPress hosting

<pre><pre>The four S & # 039; s of managed WordPress hosting

You have a company to carry out. Whether you are an individual blogger or a global company, you bring your brand to your website. It can be an ecommerce store, a popular sneaker blog, a go-to-spot for gadget reviews, or a site about a music festival.

Managing and hosting a website is complicated, time-consuming and takes your attention away from the company at hand. Think about it: what do you do if your site is hacked and Google blacklists it?

What if a plugins update breaks your WordPress site and nothing can be done about it? Or what if slow performance results in huge SEO fines and nobody can find your site by searching? A managed WordPress hosting provider helps you overcome all these challenges and more.

WordPress has become the content management system (CMS) of choice for companies of all sizes: private individuals, small and medium-sized businesses, agencies and companies. It now provides 30 percent of the internet, making it the most popular CMS with a wide cage. But you are a business owner, not a WordPress expert. A managed WordPress hosting provider takes responsibility for the technical ins and outs of the daily operation of your site and the infrastructure with which it is powered.

With a managed hosting provider, you get the added value of having a partner who can protect your site against threats, help you increase pageviews because of higher speed and eventually lead more people to your site and provide them with a better experience. This in turn makes you free to build and run your business and brand. That is the power of managed WordPress hosting.

In this article, we will highlight the benefits of having your WordPress sites managed and hosted by a trusted partner to ensure that they are secure, scalable and fast and to provide the service and support to keep them that way. .

A managed WordPress provider handles all of this for you. Think of it this way: some consultants are only advisors, some hosting providers only supply servers, but managed WordPress hosting marries both.


The internet is flooded with security threats and vulnerabilities, and no matter who you are or the size of your site, you could be a target. Even if you find that your site is not important or visible enough to be in the sights, hackers may try to get your site under control for malicious reasons, such as sending spam or attacking another site with your server as a pawn . Your site is in danger.

Do you have a strategy for what happens when your site is hacked? What would the downtime as a result of an attack cost you? What about the fact that Google has classified your site as unsafe, making new and existing customers afraid to visit them? And what about the backlash of social media that could follow? Do you want to go through all of that to save a few dollars a month?

With managed WordPress you have no reason to worry. A managed WordPress hosting provider checks your site to ensure that the threat of security risks is blocked. And in case something goes wrong, a managed WordPress hosting provider will fix your site for you and bring you back online, saving you the high advisory costs and collateral damage of a security incident. And a secure site performs better because false traffic requests do not eat your resources.

It is a win-win. A managed hosting provider has knowledge of the WordPress ecosystem and can make necessary essential updates for you to ensure that your site is safe. With managed WordPress hosting you can rest assured, knowing that your site is on lockdown and that the bad guys are kept at a distance.


You want your site to be successful. Do not let that success be your downfall. An event with a lot of traffic – think of a link on Reddit, a tweet of a celebrity starting with something that goes viral for a few hours, or a PR hit on a popular media site, your traffic can shoot to the moon.

That would be great for business. But without the right infrastructure it can be a disaster. If your site can not withstand a huge traffic spike, or if it crashes at the first sign of a wave, it means less involvement, reputational damage and ultimately lost revenue.

With managed WordPress hosting, your site can scale up to ensure success. Anticipating a large influx of traffic? A managed WordPress hosting provider can work with you to take the right precautions, making a potential site slaughtering peak a resounding success.


Every second counts on the web. Did you know that 40 percent of people will leave a website if it takes more than three seconds to load them?

Studies have also shown that a delay of one second when loading the page results in 7 percent fewer conversions. That is income that comes out the door because of a slow site. A managed WordPress hosting provider provides you with the framework for a high-speed site and can help you re-enable it if it becomes slow.


Nothing in life is 100 percent. Technology is no different. Even Gmail drops a few times a year and Google is the best in the industry. There are countless things that can cause hiccups with your site: a downserver, a DNS glitch or an incorrect code snippet.

With managed WordPress hosting you get proactive service and support that notifies you when something goes wrong, so you know it is under control and will be restored as soon as possible.


If you have a partner who can take care of your website problems, everything runs smoother. A managed host helps ensure that your content is excellent, so you do not have to worry about hackers and website crashes that threaten your hard work.

Working with a managed WordPress host gives you the peace of mind you need to sell more products, get more readers and attract more customers, while providing the four S & # 39; s.