The Force is weak with this: Motorola seems to have given up the flagships

Motorola has not been participating in the flagship Android arena for a few years, not since the Moto Z2 days. Instead, the company focused on its Moto Mods initiative and the midrange and budget models in the Moto Z and Moto G lines.


But some fans may have raised the hope of a revival of the Force line, the high-end variant of the Moto Z that has not been released since 2017. Unfortunately, Motorola is full of hope on a Moto Z4 Force, after the Z4 was officially unveiled earlier this week.

"We will not be announcing any new Moto Z devices this year," writes Motorola US on Twitter this afternoon, in response to a user's request to be notified when a Z4 Force would be made available. It is not that surprising; we didn't receive a Z3 Force last year and the Z4 is just an incrementally updated version of that midrange phone.

Given the current state of the high-end telephony market, where Apple is struggling to sell iPhones due to saturation and four-digit price tags, it is not surprising to show more Android phone manufacturers their focus in the middle area and to prioritize features such as battery life over newer components and more expensive materials. Google recently introduced the Pixel 3A, priced from $ 399, precisely because the sales of its flagship Pixel 3 were lower than expected.

In all respects, the Moto Z4 has everything you want on a $ 499 phone: a long battery life, a decent processor and the ability to work with Verizon & # 39; s 5G network thanks to the accompanying 5G Moto Mod . The striking selling point of the Force line was the unbreakable screen, but it seems that that is not a good reason to want to make a more expensive variant when it comes to the newer Galaxy, iPhone, LG and Pixel. devices.

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