The Flatshare stars pulled off their own stunts by writing Post-its

LONDON (AP) — “The Flatshare” stars Jessica Brown Findlay and Anthony Welsh got to do all their own stunts in their new romantic comedy TV series.

The stunts in question? Write post-it notes, which sometimes required multiple takes: “They sent me as many as, ‘That’s cool, but that’s not how you spell that word,'” Brown Findlay laughed.

Based on Beth O’Leary’s best-selling book that has been translated into more than 25 languages, “The Flatshare” revolves around two strangers who live in the same apartment, one by night and the other by day. They communicate through sticky notes. It begins airing on Paramount Plus on December 1.

“We did all our own lyrics,” explained Brown Findlay.

Welsh added that they had to write around five notes for each note.

“Jessie knows that now, but I was in a secret competition with her because every day the prop department was like, ‘You’ve got like a batch to make today.’ And I was like, ‘How many do we have?’” she described. ”’We have 40.’ ‘Okay, 40, dammit. How many has Jessie made? ‘She’s done them all.’”

The TV series follows the developing relationship between Leon and Tiffany, played by Welsh (“Fleabag,” “The Great”) and Brown Findlay (“Downton Abbey,” “Brave New World”).

Most of the show takes place in the London apartment the characters share, which had panels that could be removed to allow filming in the small space.

As soon as Tiffany moves in, she takes over the space, Welsh said.

“It felt like Tiff’s flat from day one. And I was like, ‘Okay, Peter (Cattaneo, director), tell me what’s mine and what’s hers,’ and like, 85% of this stuff is Tiffany’s,” she said. “Leon lives a very, Like, simple, almost minimalist, but it brings a lot of color to the set.”

Brown Findlay said that he “had a lot of crazy housemates and flats”.

“I rented a flat once because there was Harry Potter wallpaper in the bathroom. I just couldn’t see any others, everything else on the floor was terrible and I just ignored it all,” he said.

He admitted that he was concerned that he “was like the weird roommate who didn’t leave his room much” in his previous roommate arrangements.

“Sometimes you say, ‘I just need a little space,’ or you like to take really long baths and stuff, and then they say, ‘You’ve used up all the hot water,’” she said. “Yeah, I don’t know if I was always cool.”

But for their own flat-sharing arrangement, the lead actors, who had never met before, were delighted to be working together.

“We both became fans of each other,” said Brown Findlay.


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