The first trailer of Steven Soderbergh & # 39; s The Laundromat is great fun

Hey, you remember when writer-director Steven Soderbergh stopped filming back in 2013? Do you remember how it didn't work at all? After a series of complaints about how badly Hollywood treats his directors, he revitalized his career with a series of experiments, from filming entire feature films on a series of iPhones to self-distributing his film Logan Lucky in an attempt to bypass traditional gatekeepers.


His latest guess to explore Hollywood is one that is making more and more controversial film makers: he makes films with Netflix, starting in 2018 High flying bird, and now on to The laundry. The first trailer for that new movie has just arrived and shows a dynamic that is familiar from Soderbergh & # 39; s Oscar-winning 2000 movie Erin Brockovich: An unlikely and underrated woman takes on a huge world of corporate governance and brings it down.

Based on Jake Bernstein's book Secrecy World: Inside the Panama Papers Investigation of Illlicit Money Networks and the Global Elite (or, as the trailer says, "based on real shit"), The laundry Meryl Streep plays as a widow researching a huge insurance fraud program that benefits a network of super-rich people around the world. That sounds like standard prize bait, but the first trailer of the movie comes across as resilient, lively and comical, somewhere in the world of Dirty Rotten Rascals mixed with The big short one. It looks like the kind of film that turns big, depressing problems into a real romp in the real world.

The laundry debuts in theaters on September 7 and arrives on October 18 on Netflix. It is one of the ten films that Netflix will debut in the cinema this fall, in a continuous effort to raise cinema prices and widespread recognition of films. The film plays the lead role in Gary Oldman and Antonio Banderas, with other listed cast members, including James Cromwell, Jeffrey Wright, Robert Patrick, Alex Pettyfer, Chris Parnell and David Schwimmer.

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