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The first comment from the head of the PlayStation after the sharp criticism of the latest event | -WhatsNew2Day


The audience’s reaction was frustrating after the end of the last PlayStation event, in which we did not see any appearance of the large PlayStation studios and their titles that they have been working on for several years. However, it seems Jim Ryan He is the only optimistic confident of what the event presented.

In his first statement (Heb pushsquare), Ryan said that the event demonstrated Sony’s unwavering commitment to providing audiences with the best and most diverse game library. In his quoted remarks he stated the following:

“Our fans expect a steady stream of amazing content. Today’s presentation demonstrates our unwavering commitment to offering the best and most diverse catalog of games possible. It also highlights the massive popularity and power of the PS5 that the global game developer community is trying to push its advanced capabilities to the limit. We’re investing heavily in the future with innovative best-in-class hardware like PlayStation VR2 and the newly unveiled Project Q, and our expansion into PC, mobile and live games are transforming how and where we enjoy our content.”

The interesting thing is that this PlayStation event showcased nearly 30 different games, most of which were from independent and third-party developers. While we missed the appearance of PlayStation studios, with the exception of Haven Studio, which gave us its new game, Fairgame, and Bungie Studio, which gave us Marathon, all of which are live service games.

Large PlayStation studios such as Naughty Dog, Sucker Punch, Team Asobi, and Sony Bend, all of which we know are working on several large AAA projects, some of which are close to completion, but Sony avoided showing any of them during the event, which is supposed to be the largest of the year.

What is Sony planning! We don’t know, but it looks like PlayStation is leading Jim Ryan It is trying to find a new way to gain more audience, by focusing on developing online games and live service games, and expanding the issuance of exclusives to reach platforms outside the PlayStation.

You can take a look at the most important announcements that were made at the PlayStation event here, while you can share your viewpoint about the future of PlayStation and the new and different direction that you think the company is taking in the comments section below.

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