The first Apple Watch 4 photo reveals a 15% larger screen

<pre><pre>The first Apple Watch 4 photo reveals a 15% larger screen

Apple Watch 4 is a real update for the iPhone-compatible smartwatch, and finally we see the notorious edge-to-edge screen of the rumors, thanks to a new leak.

It comes from what looks like an official Apple Watch Series 4 photo, obtained by 9to5Mac, and the watch has considerably less bezel and much more information.

This photo supports previous rumors that the new Apple Watch for 2018 will have a display that is 15% larger in both the 42 mm and 38 mm watch sizes.

Do not worry, the actual size of the watch will not change dramatically, or at all. Apple seems to have reduced the unnecessary ring around the circumference of the dial.

This is the same trick we've seen from recent smartphones, including the iPhone X. This can increase screen sizes while keeping the housing of a smaller phone.

The casing can stay the same, and that means the Apple Watch bands you've bought before have to work with the new Apple Watch 4. Another relief.

More room for complications

Today's Apple Watch 4 photo shows a screen that is capable of fitting a lot of complications on one face thanks to the extensive screen size.

It is … a bit dramatic. Complications in the example photo include:

  • Hours, minutes and second hand
  • Day of the week and the date
  • Your next calendar appointment
  • Current temperature, as well as the highlights of the day and lows
  • UV index metrics
  • Sunrise and sunset times
  • Apple Music shortcut (with progress bar for rounds)
  • Hotkey activity (with your progress of the activity ring)
  • Rotating planet earth (which you can probably turn yourself)

The Apple Watch 4 can be a great way to view all your vital information at a glance, and the complications here are probably fully customizable.

The Digital Crown and Side Button look a bit different, as 9to5Mac rightly indicates, and there is a new gap in between, probably for a second microphone.

There are rumors that Apple is planning to include solid-state buttons with haptic feedback, although it is not clear if this will be on time for Apple Watch 4.

Apple Watch 4 launch date

Like the huge iPhone XS leak of today, the Apple Watch 4 photo is convincing – it backs up all the rumors we had heard before the launch of today's launch events.

On September 12 the following & # 39; special event & # 39; from Apple and we expect the Apple Watch Series 4 to accompany the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Plus on stage.

Apple likes to launch new phones and smartwatches at the same time (the Apple Watch 3 came out when the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus were launched).

Pre-orders usually start on the Friday after the event (ie Friday, September 14) and in the past the first customers have received new watches and phones (sent or in stores) within one to two weeks, so Friday 21 September or Friday 28 September .

That is just enough time for another dozen Apple Watch 4 leaks. Keep an eye on us for more rumors and photos as we approach the major launch event.