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The Final Fantasy 16 demo will last several hours and progress will be saved -WhatsNew2Day


We are getting closer to the release of the most anticipated Japanese fantasy and RPG game of all time, Final Fantasy 16 from the developer. Square Enix.

We have officially learned that the expected Final Fantasy 16 game has finished the development process and has become golden and ready for launch on June 22 of this year, but the demo version can play the demo version of it on June 8, 2023 or June 9 next, but there is no confirmation Official about that yet. That is, two weeks before the game’s official release.

It is also known that Square Enix tends to release beta versions of the vast majority of its games before launch, whether large or small titles, and quoting Push Square, the Final Fantasy 16 demo will extend to approximately two hours, during which it will focus on the early days of the protagonist’s story. Clive, portraying him as a younger man at the start of his long journey.

The important thing here is that the developer has officially confirmed that it will allow players who advanced in the demo to continue their progress in the full game after its final launch, of course if you purchased it. This will certainly encourage and accelerate the sales of the game, and reflects the developer’s confidence in its biggest titles.

Final Fantasy 16 is set to release on June 22 as a temporary exclusive on PS5. There will not be any updates from the first day of launch, as is the case with most AAA titles.

In conclusion, we would like to remind our followers that The General Authority for Audiovisual Media in the Kingdom It revealed that the game was not allowed to be cleared in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia due to the game’s inappropriate content for Arab players, as Square Enix kept this content and did not remove it with complete rejection after attempts by the Commission to clarify its position on this content.. to learn more.

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