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The FFVII 25th anniversary event is primed for a Remake Part 2 reveal

The long-awaited second part of the Final Fantasy VII Remake could be unveiled on June 16, or at least I hope so. Square Enix’s Twitter account for promoting that game sent a Save the Date PSA for June 16 at 6pm ET / 3pm PT, when it goes live on Twitch and YouTube with a short 10-minute presentation. It added “please be excited” at the end which, I’ll admit, got me excited.

Is part 2 coming out in 2023? Will there be a part 3? Is the first episode ever will be released on Xbox? So many questions.

The event is about more than just the latest news about the FFVII Remake, it seems. Square Enix calls it the Final Fantasy VII 25th Anniversary Celebration Broadcast, and we can hear more about content coming to the prequel meets Battle Royale title Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier

Square Enix has already had a big show for its Final Fantasy series this summer, and the first major part of Final Fantasy XVI’s gameplay was showcased at Sony’s State of Play presentation last week. It looks like the cool announcements will continue, which is exciting indeed. The only pain comes from realizing that these teasers must save us for at least one more year until the game’s release.

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