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The fall of WeWork is so wild that it gets a second TV series, this one for Apple

WeWork was the soap of a company in 2019, and the story was so wild that it became the focus of one second TV series, Variety reports.

The second series is being developed by Apple and the showrunner of the Apple TV Plus series Little America, according to Variety. (Disclosure: Little America has been adapted from a series by Epic Magazine, which is owned by Vox Media, The Verge’s parent company.) The series is based on that of David Brown WeCrashed podcast of the Wondery podcast network.

Variety’s report does not indicate when the series may be released. But if and when that is the case, the WeWork story should ensure good TV.

Last summer, WeWork prepared for a massive IPO. Shortly after S-1 came out – who revealed, among other things, how CEO Adam Neumann was a risk factor for the company and how his wife or family manager would choose a new CEO if something happened to him – the IPO fell apart.

Then there was Neumann’s profile that contained a number of ultimately destructive stories. One was about how Neumann once left a grain box full of weed on a private jet. Another story was about the time he gave tequila shots to employees shortly after he fired seven percent of his staff. Neumann finally stopped and received the equivalent of nearly $ 1.7 billion exit package to let SoftBank take over the company.

The first TV series was announced in December and plays Nicholas Braun, better known as Cousin Greg on HBOs succession, as Neumann. (Disclosure: The Verge’s editor-in-chief Kevin Nguyen went to high school with Braun.) There is also a movie about WeWork going on, Variety reported last year.