<pre><pre>The expanded NFC of iOS 13 supports Japanese identity cards

One of the lesser-known features in iOS 13 is the broader support for NFC functionality, which first appeared on the iPhone alongside Apple Pay in 2014, but which did not see the same diversity of usage situations as it does on Android. iPhones with iOS 13 can a scan greater variety of NFC tags, including those often found in official documentation, and one of the first examples are the national identity cards of Japan.

The Cards, confusing & # 39; My number & # 39; named in Japanese, but & # 39; Individual number cards & # 39; in English, were introduced in 2015 alongside a numeric ID system. All Japanese residents receive a paper number that is used for various administrative purposes, such as filing taxes. it is not mandatory to hold the card yourself.

The card contains an NFC tag that can be read by an app developed by the government to store personal information on the device. Certain Android phones already support this, but the overwhelming popularity of the iPhone in Japan and the wide acceptance rate that new versions of iOS enjoy mean that there will probably be many more recordings.

The news was confirmed by Masanori Kusunoki, Government Advisor to the Government's CIO, following a report from Nikkei.