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The European Medicines Agency warns: Covid is no longer a health emergency but still a threat


The European Medicines Agency is continuing its work on new effective vaccines against “Covid-19”, especially as it is still spreading and new variants are emerging from it.

COVID-19 remains a threat, although it is no longer a global health emergency, the European Medicines Agency warned during its latest regular press conference on the pandemic.

During the past three years, the press conferences of the European Commission, which is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, have been expected in order to follow up on the latest developments regarding vaccines and treatments for the virus, which has claimed millions of lives and caused economic chaos.

The European Medicines Agency said it will continue its work on effective vaccines against new variants of the disease.

“This virus will remain a threat, especially for the most vulnerable,” said Marco Cavalieri, director of vaccine strategy at the European Medicines Agency. He added that the virus “is still spreading and new variants appear from it.”

He also noted that public health authorities must “remain alert”, especially in the winter, even if Covid vaccines prevent hospitalizations and save lives.

For her part, the Executive Director of the European Medicines Agency, Emir Cooke, indicated that “it is estimated that in the first year of the epidemic alone, Covid vaccines helped save the lives of about 20 million people,” welcoming her agency’s work to implement “the largest vaccination program in the history of Europe.”

On May 5, the World Health Organization declared that the “Covid-19” pandemic no longer constitutes a global health emergency.

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