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The equivalent of $22,000 loot, little effort: Biggest robbery in Eve Online’s history – WhatsNew2Day


With such a yield you can now dress properly in Eve Online.

In the sci-fi MMO Eve Online you have to beware of some shady characters: there’s murder and stealing going on here. Strictly speaking, this is of course the case in adult games, but in the sci-fi MMO it takes on completely different traits. This is where million dollar battles are fought and tens of thousands worth of heists are carried out.

With the equivalent of 22,000 dollars two crafty players have now set a new record – and with surprisingly little effort.

How did the robbery go?

The Reddit user Flam_Hill has made his approach public. While a former record from 2017 required months of preparation, Flam_Hill and his partner in crime hardly had to lift a finger.

The two thieves applied for membership in EHEXP Corporation – the victim of the story. After membership, Flam_Hill steered for a steep career: After a generous donation, he was quickly able to apply for the post of CEO. The two thieves, of course, voted in favour, while the other members… just didn’t vote at all. And that was the important thing.

The welfare and security of a society or alliance lies in the administration of its leadership, the activity of these members is of paramount importance.


After 72 hours the election ended, Flam_Hill was the new CEO of EHEXP. As a result, all other high-ranking players were fired and the company treasury lost 130 billion ISK – this is the in-game currency in Eve Online. But that wasn’t enough, every last drop of valuable goods was confiscated, including some large spaceships.

2.23 billion ISK were thus stolenwhich is worth around US$22,300. The ISK cannot be exchanged for real money, but of course such a raid is still impressive.

Are you also surprised at how simple it can be to pull off a major heist in Eve Online? Do you play Eve Online yourself and have you already been the victim of a major theft? Or maybe you are the mastermind behind some impressive in-game crimes yourself? Write us in the comments!

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