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The entire Galaxy S20 line-up from Samsung and hands-on video leak only a few hours prior to the big unveiling

Leaked videos reveal MORE details about the new Galaxy S20 line-up from Samsung, just hours before the unveiling at a major San Francisco event

  • Leaks are released a few hours before the official release of the Galaxy S20
  • Videos show the complete S20 line-up including three different sizes and models
  • A YouTuber also broke a press embargo to show a hands-on review of the S20

Only a few hours before Samsung will unveil its new line-up of flagship phones, more leaks are coming in.

This time, an official video seems to predict the full line-up of tech giant S20 phones and while a separate hands-on review was released by a YouTuber who apparently broke the company’s press embargo – an agreement not to publish information until a predetermined time.

The official video posted on the channel ‘DroidHolic“YouTube seems to show the Galaxy S20, S20 + and S20 Ultra, all of which will be revealed later today and provide a detailed overview of the design of the phones and some of the most prominent features.

If seeing the devices wasn’t spoiled enough, a separate video leaked by the Chinese YouTuber, Zing Gadget, will also go into detail about the phone’s specifications, including the 120 HZ display, a 100x digital zoom and 5G compatibility.

Although the leaks kill almost all the tension for Samsung’s 2 pm event, they usually only confirm details that have been leaked at the moment.

The S20 line-up from Samsung has been the subject of a slow drop of information that has continued to drip in recent months.

With just 24 hours before the Unpacked event from Samsung, leaks of some of the soon-to-be-announced products were still coming in.

In a tweet sent just three days before Samsung’s main product event, XDA Developers’ Max Weinbach, who leaked several other important details about Samsung’s upcoming products, showed real glimpses of the company’s new smart speaker, the Galaxy Home Mini, which probably unveiled today.

A video of the smart speaker in action and accompanying literature for the Galaxy Home Mini provide insight into what the product will do exactly.

According to images posted by Weinbach, one of the options will be the usual list of voice-driven searches, such as “what’s the weather?” or ‘play jazz music’ in addition to a range of smart home controls.

One of the largest new products unveiled today, the newest foldable phone from Samsung, the Galaxy Z Flip has also been the subject of various leaks.

In a video released a few hours before the 'Unpacked' event from Samsung in San Francisco, the entire line-up of S20 is revealed

In a video released a few hours before the ‘Unpacked’ event from Samsung in San Francisco, the entire line-up of S20 is revealed

However, during the Academy Awards on Sunday, Samsung took matters into its own hands by launching a teaser for the device.

In an advertisement shown on TV during the event, the Galaxy Z Flip, which is said to have made a 6.7-inch foldable display of the company’s own “ultra-thin” glass, was shown while making video calls under different angles.

The device appears to remain open while on a flat surface, suggesting that users can video chat hands-free.

The phone can be folded to reveal a compact square, while the back of the hinge shows the Samsung logo embossed.

Although there is no real metric to compare, it is hard not to wonder if the Samsung S20 and Z Flip are not the most leaked product launches in recent memory.