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The Emergence of Sapiosexuality: Indications That You’re Mainly Attracted to Intelligence Rather Than Physical Appearance.


Many people have a type — and when they try to describe it, they often refer to physical characteristics like blue eyes or brown hair.

But to the others, known as the rationalists, their type is cerebral—that is, they are sexually attracted to people who are more intelligent, and see brains as the most important quality in a companion.

And sexual degradation seems to be on the rise, with people taking to platforms like TikTok to talk about how hot a high IQ under the collar can get them soaring, with the hashtag sapiosexual reaching nearly 4.5 million views on the platform.

However, the naming is not without controversy. To understand why, it’s important to understand exactly what sexual sarcasm is.

“Sexual cape has become a popular term in recent years to describe individuals who are sexually attracted primarily to intelligence or intellect,” Barbara Santini, a psychologist and sex consultant at Peaches and Screams, told FEMAIL.

People known as psychosexuals are primarily attracted to intelligence or intellect above any other trait (stock image)

“While physical attraction may play a role in any relationship, a reasonable person places more emphasis on mental connection and intellectual compatibility.”

She added, “Intelligence is the top priority for Sapiens, and they focus less on superficial qualities.”

Psychiatrist and medical educator Dr. Ramya Mohan He added, “(Sodomy) is a relatively new term that has broad connotations based on the context. It’s a term that has become more denoting over the past two years or so.

It is worth noting that sexual desire can be interpreted broadly, and includes everything from a preferential pursuit of intelligence in relationships or partnerships to a sexual need and an obsessive drive for intelligence in a partner (above all else physical, emotional, gender-based, orientation-based traits, preferences, and needs). . ‘

It’s hard to say exactly how many people fall under this motto – most people want an intelligent partner.

However, according to the authors of a 2018 study published in the journal Intelligencea much smaller percentage were specifically sexually aroused by intelligence.

The researchers, from the University of Western Australia, note that the value of higher intelligence goes beyond what it offers in terms of a partner’s potential when it comes to surviving and raising children.

Self-confessed sexual health and emotion expert Hope Flynn (pictured) says emotional intelligence is triggered more by intelligence than physical attraction.

Self-confessed sexual health and emotion expert Hope Flynn (pictured) says emotional intelligence is triggered more by intelligence than physical attraction.

Hence categorizing some people as being so high-minded that a high IQ can stimulate sexual arousal above any other trait – such people can be described as reasonable.

Their findings indicate that between one and eight percent of people between the ages of 18 and 35 may be sexists.

So while many lonely hearts will seek out another intelligent half, many will not be sexually aroused by a potential partner’s IQ as well as any other qualities they may possess.

So, do you fall into this category? What are the signs you might be looking for? According to expert Hope Flynn, head of content at the sexual health brand IPlaySafe And admittedly sexually emotional, there are a number of related signs.

“The first and most common sign of someone being sane is that they are more aroused by intelligence than physical attraction,” she told FEMAIL. Intelligence is the key to stimulating the rational.

Are you reasonable? Eight signs to look for…

1. Intelligence turns you on more than physical attraction.

2. Small talk is a no-no. Sexual tasters need long, deep detours – a superficial level of knowledge will not be enough.

3. You are attracted to people who can justify their feelings and discuss them calmly, above those who are very emotional.

4. You care more about Instagram captions than pictures – you see words as a way to enrich your knowledge.

5. Sexual connoisseurs find it a huge turn off when people quickly lose interest in what other people have to say – they are turned on by clever perspectives and clever answers.

6. You prefer intelligence over every other aspect including how much someone earns and what they do for a living.

7. You tend to become more attracted to someone over time, as you delve deeper into their mind.

8. You are passionate about people who have a passion for knowledge.

Source: Hope Flynn, sexual health expert.

She added that they prefer intelligence over everything, it is above what a person does for a living, their other interests, or how much money they earn.

Among other signs she points out, he hates small talk, explaining: “In any relationship, conversation is key, but reasonable people desire a deeper level of knowledge from their partners.” The ability to have deep, meaningful conversations is key to a sane person – a superficial level of knowledge will not suffice.

One interesting sign Hope mentioned was that sexites are “more attracted to people who can justify and communicate their feelings without blowing up or letting go of handles when they get into difficult situations.”

“They just can’t stand people who break down so easily,” she noted.

Interestingly, when it comes to social media, Hope suggests that heterosexuals are more likely to be interested in your Instagram caption than the photo itself — which is about wanting to learn.

In fact, she said, they may look for people they find smarter than they are because they always want to learn and grow.

Hope added, “They are obsessed with their intelligence and ideas and want to know more about them because it helps enrich their knowledge.”

In the same vein, they have an intellectual thirst, and are turned on by clever points of view and clever answers.

If you find that attraction tends to grow over time, this could be a sign of Sapiens’ sexual tendencies.

“While homosexuals like to go deep in thought, they feel more attracted to the person gradually over time,” Hope said.

“Experiencing someone’s intelligence, ideas, emotional intelligence and observing how someone resolves conflicts are the things that are hugely transformative.”

Finally, she said, reasonable people admire others who have a passion for knowledge, because it aligns with their personal desire to expand and learn at all times.

Dr. Ramya Mohan agreed, adding, “If a potential partner is observing, commenting on, or complimenting your intelligence, knowledge, or quick responses, you might be talking to a reasonable person.”

She went on to explain that sexual daredevils tend to “place a high value and respect on these qualities”.

“They tend to focus on (and tend to be attracted/excited by) witty, witty, complex and lengthy conversations, discussions based on books or academia, deep meanings of the world or life, mapping morals and learned behavior,” Dr. Moyan said.

However, while the sexual preference for intelligence may seem benign, it is not without its detractors, who describe it as capable and stratified.

As Hope Flynn explained: “People with learning disabilities or those from disadvantaged backgrounds with less access to higher education, travel and technological advancement can be seen to be excluded.”

Furthermore, as the term intelligence itself is often used in connection with what we might colloquially consider “book intelligence,” many people who fall into this category likely have access to a better education. For this reason, some argue that preference can be seen as caste.

“Being sexually sane can indicate that someone may only be interested in someone who has the privilege of going to a certain school or earning a certain degree,” Hope said.

“It can be interpreted as being completely Eurocentric and devaluing people without reaching the above.”

However, she added, ‘I’m a self-confessed working class, sane person and I believe intelligence is subjective. Intelligence has a great relationship with the morals, values, and political and religious beliefs of individuals.

There are also many forms of intelligence to consider when wondering if you are interested in sex, such as emotional intelligence, spiritual intelligence etc… If someone has a desire and thirst for knowledge… this will be evident no matter what caste they were born into In which.

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