The Edge Guide to TikTok

Despite having to endure several controversies related to content and ownership, TikTok remains a popular video app — and no wonder. It lets you quickly create videos, add a variety of effects, text captions, and audio backgrounds, and show the world what you think is cute, funny, politically problematic, deadly serious, or in need of repair. TikTok is full of cute animals, weird dances, snarky comments, and imaginative dialogue between the same person dressed in two different ways.

It’s even hard to say who has the most fun: those who browse the wide variety of videos, discover what other people are doing, dance and discuss, or those who make these imaginative videos and enjoy the attention and comments they get. (Or don’t enjoy it, depending on those comments — this is social media after all, and so there’s a lot of angry people out there.)

If you want to know what it’s all about and give the app a try, either as a viewer or as a creator, we’ve got you covered. In The edge Guide to TikTok, we have step-by-step instructions for new users and some excellent tips for expert creators. We’ll explain how to find what you’re interested in, how to decline what you don’t, and how to deal with the algorithms that determine what you see next.

We hope you find them helpful in your explorations of the wonderful world of TikTok.