<pre><pre>The economic assortment of smart lights from Ikea continues to expand

Ikea & # 39; s range of low-priced Tradfri smart lights and controllers continues to grow. Ikea is launching a few new products and is also bringing some articles to the US that were already for sale elsewhere. All devices are compatible with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa and Google Home ecosystems through the use of a Tradfri gateway. The new products were first noticed by the smart home enthusiasts Homekit Hero (through Dave Zatz).

Unfortunately, none of the new devices are available to buy.

First of all, Ikea & # 39; s new spotlights and a water-resistant motion sensor were discovered that are suitable for protecting the perimeter of your house Home Smart app. No details were provided, but a formal announcement can be expected soon.

Then a new one water repellent wireless remote control suitable for use around the bathroom or even outside is apparently bundled with two new starter kits. The $ 69 package includes the remote, Tradfri gateway (allowing all your Ikea smart devices to work together), two E12 lamps and one E26 format. The $ 79.99 package includes the gateway, remote control and two E26 lamps.

E26 filament LED.

Ikea & # 39; s first Tradfri filament LED lamp costs $ 15.99. The dimmable E26 lamp has a power of 806 lumens and supports three color temperatures: 2200 Kelvin (warm glow), 2700 Kelvin (warm white) and 4000 Kelvin (cool white). It is intended to be decorative and to mimic the appearance of old-fashioned light bulbs.

A new E12 lamp with a small candlestick base suitable for ceiling fans and chandeliers also has its first appearance. The lamp with 650 lumens is dimmable and supports nine colors, including multiple temperatures of white. It costs $ 19.99.

The American Ikea site is now on the list Floalt panels For the first time. The Tradfri-compatible dimmable panels are available in three sizes: 12 x 12-inch ($ 69.99); 24 x 24 inch ($ 129); and 12 x 35 inches ($ 129).

Ikea recently changed the name of its Ikea Tradfri app to Ikea Home. It is a movement intended to better represent the Ikea range of intelligent devices that now includes Tradfri lighting, switches and dimmers; Fyrtur blinds come to the US on October 1; and Symfonisk speakers, built in collaboration with Sonos and are set to be shipped next month.

With direct access to 780 million customers who visit their stores in 52 countries each year, Ikea will soon be able to dominate the smart home with its inexpensive and interoperable smart home equipment. An era of smart home democratization is really true.