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The drama of a new soap opera

“Just opened a new box of soap cakes and noticed on the wrapper that they were made in July 2022 and expire in July 2024,” writes Steve Hulbert of West Kempsey. “I’ve decided to put one cake aside until its expiration date to find out what happens when it expires! Maybe it will be dramatic?”

According to Bawley Point’s Tony DeGiovanni, Tim Parker’s observations of mobile phone users on speakerphone in public (C8) are spot on: “I recently returned from overseas and the trend is global.” David Gordon of Cranebrook thinks: “It’s yet another example of the lack of attention in modern life, and it happens even in so-called ‘quiet carriages’!” Fortunately Brian Kidd of Mount Waverley (Vic) has a solution: “Just talk to the perpetrators! It will almost certainly lead to silence.”

“I’ve discovered the purpose of the ridiculous sleeves on the dresses worn by many female television hosts,” notes Roseville’s Stephanie Edwards. “They’re a dieting aid — impossible to eat while wearing them.”

More good oil on the roller (C8). While Bruce Moxon appreciates the “good points,” he “didn’t see anyone in the backseat.” And the tire filler was not wearing a driver’s uniform.” Bulli’s Frank McGrath can also confirm the reference of Brian Mann’s manual: “In my copy of Hints and tips for motorists (London, 1912), it is suggested that an owner overhauling his car should enlist the help of ‘his driver or some bright boy’, while another owner who wants easy access to an oil drum ‘makes my odd one out a wooden trestle has beaten’.”

Robert McCusker of Georges Plains says he was “one of the 88 percent who didn’t know the meaning of ‘awake’. I started to think it meant anyone who disagreed with you.

“Why was ‘shitzels’ purposely left out in the TV ad broadcast on behalf of what was once Australia’s leading supermarket?” asks Suzanne Russell from Rivett (ACT). “It’s neither smart nor comical – just crass – and gives the impression of weak standards and a casual lack of respect for the audience. I’m not the only one not amused by half hearted ‘hard tries’ like this one, am I? Gosh, I hope not.”

Our favorite adoptive citizen, Rhoda Silber of Manly, notes that Fitz referred to Column 8 in Saturday’s paper as a “beloved, elderly aunt.” Herald: “To me, Column 8 is the beloved, youthful grandma I never had in Australia.”


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