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The dog and goat left so close that they sleep in the same bed are adopted by the same owner


Together fur ever! An American bulldog and a baby goat who are so close that they sleep in the same bed have been adopted by the same owner

A dog and goat who were too close to sleep together have been rehomed with the same owner after an animal shelter insisted they could not be separated.

The staff of the Wake County Animal Center in North Carolina, USA, were surprised when they realized that Cinnamon and an American Bulldog, named Felix, had developed a close relationship.

In what rescuers described as a “first,” the animals were lowered into the center earlier this month by their owner, who was taken to hospital and had no one else to care for them. Although the shelter doesn’t usually accept farm animals, they made an exception when it was clear that Cinnamon and Felix needed to stay together.

When the staff realized the animals were too close to be separated, they put out an unusual Facebook call in hopes someone might be able to take them in.

Fortunately, a local farm came to the rescue and the pair will soon be adopted after several weeks at the shelter.

An American bulldog and a young goat have been re-homed together after workers at Wake County Animal Center in North Carolina, US, realized they had formed a strong bond. Felix (left) and Cinnamon (right) will be taken to a local farm after being dropped off at the rescue center at the beginning of this month

Jennifer Federico, director of animal services, told L.L.C Washington PostIt’s an odd duo, but it works for them. Who are we to judge? They clearly love each other.

She added that when the couple were initially brought into the shelter together, staff tried to keep them in separate pens but soon realized this was not a viable option.

‘Cinnamon was so upset – she was nuzzling and calling the dog. She was so stressed and anxious that we knew this pair had to stay together,’ she said.

Jennifer, who has worked at the shelter for 12 years, added that she had never seen a husband like this before, despite dealing with lots of unusual situations like taking care of a bearded dragon.

American bulldog and goat are incredibly close and sleep together.  They are only separated at meal times

American bulldog and goat are incredibly close and sleep together. They are only separated at meal times

She revealed that Cinnamon “follows Felix everywhere” and doesn’t even need to put on a leash — which led the staff to realize the pair needed to be kept in the same pen.

After their original owner took them to the shelter, the staff assumed he’d be back to pick them up in 10 days. However, he never returned, which means it is up to the shelter to find a new home for the pet.

Posting on the shelter’s Facebook page, Jennifer made an appeal to anyone who can help with the “very unique situation” and adoption of Cinnamon and Felix.

The plea has been shared thousands of times by people affected by Cinnamon and Felix’s close relationship, winning over loving fans who wanted to know what happened to them.

Small farms in the area responded in droves to the pet offer, and soon a new home was found for the pair.

The farm that adopts the animals will collect them next week after Felix is ​​neutered and Cinnamon and Felix will be able to stay together.

(Felix) is a big-headed bulldog, Jennifer said, and if he wants to attack her, he can. But he seems to really enjoy being around her.

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