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‘The Diplomat’ Premieres at No. 1 on Streaming Chart


that of Netflix The diplomat negotiated its way to the top of the streaming charts for its opening week.

The drama starring Keri Russell attracted 1.3 billion viewing minutes in the United States during the week of April 17-23 (the series premiered on April 20). It ended a little earlier Love is blind (1.22 billion minutes) – whose not quite live reunion special, scheduled to debut on April 16, is available all week.

The Mandalorianwhose third season on Disney+ concluded on April 19, was the only other member of the week’s billion-minute club to reach 1.01 billion (despite some viewers watching the show halfway through the season. Last week’s leader, Beefdropped to fourth place with 937 million minutes, just ahead You better call Saul, which returned the ranking and led the acquired series list with 927 million minutes of viewing time on Netflix. The final season of the AMC show hit the streamer on April 18.

Apple TV+ had two titles in the ranking for the first time. Ted Lasso reached a season high of 719 million viewing minutes the week of its sixth episode, and the feature film Ghosted ranked seventh among films with 192 million viewing minutes.

The wonderful Mrs. Maisel also returned to the ranking with 537 million minutes watched on Prime Video as it approached the halfway point of its final season. The final of Star Trek: Picard on Paramount+ helped that show reach its best viewership to date (400 million minutes).

Nielsen’s streaming ratings only cover TV viewing and do not include minutes viewed on computers or mobile devices. The ratings only measure the American audience, not those in other countries. The best streaming titles for April 17-23 are below.


1. The diplomat (Netflix), 1.3 billion minutes watched
2. Love is blind (Netflix), 1.22 billion
3. The Mandalorian (Disney+), 1.01 billion
4. Beef (Netflix), 937 million
5. You better call Saul (Netflix), 927 million
6. Cocomelon (Netflix), 828 million
7. The Night Agent (Netflix), 760 million
8. NCIS (Netflix/Paramount+), 724 million
9. Ted Lasso (Apple TV+), 719 million
10. Blue (Disney+), 713 million

Original series

1. The diplomat1.3 billion minutes
2. Love is blind1.22 billion
3. The Mandalorian1.01 billion
4. Beef937 million
5. The Night Agent760 million
6. Ted Lasso719 million
7. Florida man (Netflix), 655 million
8. The wonderful Mrs. Maisel (Prime Video), 537 million
9. Star Trek: Picard (Paramount+), 400 million
10. The marked heart (Netflix), 337 million

Acquired series

1. You better call Saul927 million minutes
2. Cocomelon828 million
3. NCIS724 million
4. Blue713 million
5. South Park (HBO Max), 626 million
6. Gray’s Anatomy (Netflix), 601 million
7. Succession (HBO Max), 570 million
8. Shameless (Netflix), 536 million
9. The big bang theory (HBO Max), 535 million
10. Supernatural (Netflix), 439 million

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