The Devil in Me offers mainly safe horror

With The Devil in Me we have arrived at the fourth part of The Dark Pictures saga. Just before the summer, Supermassive left its episodic horror series for a while and scored with the horror camping trip The Quarry. Maybe that’s why this The Devil in Me feels more like a safe step on the spot.

Henry Howard Holmes

For this adventure, the makers based themselves on Henry Howard Holmes, one of the first documented serial killers. In Chicago, Holmes opened the World’s Fair Hotel during the 1893 World’s Fair. The hotel was designed with the goal of making visitors easy to get rid of. About 100 windowless gas(es) rooms, hidden corridors, soundproof walls and incinerators in the basement.

During the intro you actually get to see Holmes at work, afterwards you make a time jump to the present. A group of documentary filmmakers receive a mysterious invitation to visit a replica of the murder castle. Soon they notice that there is much more going on than they could originally suspect and their nightmare starts.

Back to the roots

Predecessor House of Ashes left a bitter aftertaste. On the one hand, the game was an improvement on a technical level, on the other hand, the horror was exchanged for more action. Developer Supermassive Games is now returning to its horror roots. In fact, this part is the best part of the series in that aspect. The tension is gradually built up and the atmosphere is oppressive.

Moreover, you often have to make impossible choices that reminded us of the old Saw movies. The mysterious antagonist, for example, gives you the choice several times which character from the film crew wants to sacrifice you to his sadistic games. In any case, you can’t think about it for long: if you doubt too long, the killer takes the plunge and no one survives the slaughter.

Devil In Me Review 2

Little innovative

In good Dark Pictures fashion, the characters range from moderately interesting to very annoying. Although the story has been given a boost, you still have little feeling for the tormented characters. And that can be much better. The developers have provided a touch of innovation: each character now has its own inventory with tools. In addition to the standard flashlight, sound woman Erin, for example, has a microphone to listen through walls. Businessman Charlie can then open cupboards and doors with his payment card.

However, this inventory doesn’t add much and besides, the game lets you know when it’s time to use your tools. Puzzle lovers are not served at their beck and call: in addition to using the inventory system, puzzles mainly consist of moving crates so that you can climb to the next area. And we’ve seen that a thousand times before in other titles.

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Multiplayer is more fun

The Devil in Me, like its predecessors, is more fun with friends. The reason why they present the multiplayer mode as the first option. While the story remains the same, it’s interesting to see what choices your friends make. Do they stab you in the back or do they help when it counts?

You can play the multiplayer online with two or locally with five friends and you have to pass the controller to each other. The fact that the choices often have more horrific consequences this time than before makes the multiplayer all the more entertaining. In our opinion, the way to get the most fun out of The Devil in Me.

After seven hours you have reached the end. In terms of replayability, you will notice that your choices do not have that much impact on the course of the story. The end goal is fixed, only the number of characters that make it to the end depends on your choices. Or the speed with which you can press quicktime events, of course.

The Devil In Me mainly serves more of the same. But still we are left with a nice feeling. Especially thanks to the oppressive horror atmosphere that is completely right this time. Fans of the series know what to expect, but those looking for thorough adjustments since Until Dawn, we have to disappoint.

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