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The developers of the global phenomenon Pokémon Go announce their new AR game – WhatsNew2Day


Like Pokémon Go, only with Monster Hunter: Developer Niantic has unveiled its latest AR project.

Niantic wants to know again: after the success of Pokémon Go and the flop of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, the developers have revealed their next big project. Monster Hunter Now unsurprisingly takes on Capcom’s long-running series of games of the same name.

Monster Hunter Now release and price

It will already start in September 2023before that Android and iOS users can claim in the beta phase of Monster Hunter Now. Those who are interested can already register for it on the official website of the developers. Monster Hunter Now will also be free2play and will be funded through in-game purchases.

What kind of game is Monster Hunter Now going to be anyway?

Of course, Monster Hunter Now takes a very similar stance to Pokémon Go: As we walk around with our mobile phone, we can encounter familiar creatures from the Monster Hunter franchise to bring them to their knees.

Once we have found a monster, we can use the materials we have gained to craft or improve new weapons and armor. According to senior producer Sakae Osumi, fights should never last longer than 75 seconds and at the same time contain elements of the large game template Monster Hunter.

You can see exactly what Monster Hunter Now should look like in the following teaser trailer:

Monster Hunter Now: Niantic unveils its new AR game for mobile devices

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Monster Hunter Now: Niantic unveils its new AR game for mobile devices

For example, it is possible to switch between different weapon sets – but it remains to be seen how big the difference in gameplay will actually be. After all, we fight fights mainly by swiping and pressing on the touchscreen.

By the way, the cat-like Palicos are also part of the party again, helping us with the monster hunt. For example, you can mark creatures with color so that we can engage in combat with them later.

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What are your hopes and expectations for Monster Hunter Now? What do you think Niantic needs to deliver to continue the success of Pokémon Go and not fail like Harry Potter: Wizards Unite? Which games do you think would still work well on cell phones and mobile devices? Let us know in the comments!

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