The developers of Halo Infinite destroyed a piano to record sounds for the game


Halo infinite Developer 343 Industries smashed a piano to record sound effects, the studio revealed in a new blog detailing many aspects of the game’s audio production. I really recommend watching the video of the piano playing at the top of this post. It’s very satisfying.

But the 343 audio team didn’t just use the piano as a target for various blunt instruments. Before destroying it, they placed a subwoofer on the piano to use as a resonator. And after they destroyed it, they put dry ice on countless pieces of the remains of the piano, “yielding a great supply of singing, roaring, screeching and everything in between,” the developers said. Some of the resulting sounds are terrifying. (Interestingly, the audio team for Death Stranding also messed with a piano to record a variety of sounds for the game.)

In addition to the details of the destruction of the piano, the blog takes a closer look at things like the differences between some shot effects Halo 5 and Halo Infinite, the acoustic system that simulates how sound travels through game environments and how sound design differs between single player and multiplayer. 343 also revealed that Halo infinite supports Dolby Atmos, Windows Sonic and DTS Headphone: X virtual surround sound technologies, allowing you to hear spatial audio even when wearing stereo headphones.

If you enjoy learning about sound and music in games, you should definitely make some time to read the entire blog and listen to what 343 is working on. They are fascinating things.

Halo infinite is currently scheduled to release this fall.