The developer of Night in the Woods cancels the following game due to allegations of attacks

Yesterday, a number of high-profile men in the video game industry were accused of sexual violence, including Alec Holowka, a composer and designer behind the indie hit Night in the forest. Today, Holowka's development partners have announced that they will break ties with him, including canceling an ongoing development project. The team will also postpone the launch of the physical release Night in the forest, although the upcoming iOS port, which is managed by an external company, remains on track.


"We have received many emails and messages in recent days, often very hurt and angry," Night in the forest co-maker Scott Benson signed up a long Twitter thread. "That is how we feel. This has been very, very tough. & # 39; a separate statement, he wrote: "What this means for Night in the forest moving forward is something that we will have to work out. These things take time, at least longer than a few days. "Not long after that, Towerfall developer Matt Thorson revealed that he had previously broken the ties with Holowka (Holowka was the composer on Towerfall).

This flood of game developers began when artist and game designer Nathalie Lawhead wrote a long blog post accusing the experienced composer Jeremy Soule, who was best known for his work on series such as Knights of the Old Republic and The Elder Scrollsof rape. Shortly thereafter, author and developer Zoe Quinn published a disturbing report of alleged abuse by Holowka. Since then, many other developers have gone to Twitter to openly discuss widespread sexual abuse and violence in the industry.

About Night in the forest, the future of the game will be handled by Benson and co-creator Bethany Hockenberry. “Thousands of people have connected with Night in the forest in a very personal way, & Benson wrote. "We can't tell you how to feel about this. Whatever you feel, it's valid. Your experience with art is yours. What it means to you is yours, regardless of anything else. & # 39;