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The detail in the Woolworths logo stuns Australians


An easy-to-miss detail in the Woolworths motto shocks Australians: ‘You can’t ignore it, it’s crazy’

  • Woolworths customers discussed its logo
  • Some said it looked like a pumpkin
  • Another said the “W” looked like an apple

The unveiling of the Woolworths logo stunned thousands of Australians.

Although it has long been agreed that the stylized “W” represents a fresh product, many Australians say it looks like something completely different.

Eagle-eyed Wooly’s shoppers say the logo looks like a pumpkin.

One person wrote online: “You can’t ignore it – it sure is a squash.

Another commented, “I always thought it looked a lot like a pumpkin.”

A third said: Definitely a pumpkin. green squash

Woolworths customers have reignited a 15-year-old debate over what the company’s logo stands for

Others claimed they thought the logo looked like an apple or a W made from an apple.

I always thought it was an apple or a “W”, I didn’t realize it was a pumpkin. Someone wrote: This is crazy.

“It’s not an apple?” he asked again.

Another person wrote: “I always thought it was an apple.

A fourth said: “It looks more like a piece of apple peel, which makes the first letter ‘W’.”

Other Australians said the logo looked like a head of lettuce.

Some Australians have argued that the flat shape of the logo means that the letter

Some Australians have argued that the flat shape of the logo means the “W” looks like a pumpkin while others have said it represents an apple

But a Woolworths spokesperson told Daily Mail Australia the logo design does not represent any specific fruit or vegetable.

“We’ve done some research, and this has been discussed for 15 years since the logo was first introduced, so we’re happy to let the internet decide that logo,” they said.

What the Woolworths logo represents was the subject of a lawsuit two years after it was introduced in 2007.

Tech giant Apple initiated proceedings against the Woolies in 2009, claiming that the “W” logo looked too similar to its own Apple logo.

Its logo was designed to represent its fresh produce, Woolworths argued at the time.

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