‘The days we dread’: Four dead after migrant boat incident in the English Channel

HM Coastguard, Navy, Border Force, Kent Police and the French Navy all contributed to the rescue mission and recovered others from the icy waters.


Temperatures in the UK and France have been below freezing this week.

“These are the days we dread,” Home Secretary Suella Braverman told the House of Commons.

“Cross the channel in unseaworthy vessels is a lethally dangerous undertaking, and it is for this reason, above all, that we are working so hard to destroy the business model of people smugglers, the evil organized criminals who traffic human beings as cargo. .

“People do not need to seek asylum if they are already in a safe country. It is vital, literally vital, that we end illegal channel crossings,” he said.

The deaths at sea came less than 24 hours after UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak unveiled a tough new policy to try to stop ship crossings, which hit a record of more than 40,000 by 2022.

More than a third of them have been immigrants from Albania, which is a NATO ally and is applying to join the EU.

The UK says Albania is a safe country and anyone traveling through France to the UK is abusing the refugee system.

In Sunak’s speech on Tuesday, he said the international asylum system, drawn up in the shadow of World War II, was outdated and hostile states were using migration as a weapon to undermine European stability.

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