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The Damaging Effects of “Woke” Policing on Public Trust: Suella Braverman Perspectives


Ms Braverman added that the police should not appease politically controversial views, adding: “So, for example, when a child accidentally scratches a Koran, the police should not investigate it as a crime in an attempt to engage with communities. We don’t have blasphemy laws in England and Wales, and it’s not the police’s job to enforce non-existent religious blasphemy laws.”

He insisted that “in no case” was it biologically or legally correct for a rapist to be described as “her,” as police forces have done in some cases.

“That’s not only wrong because a woman can’t legally be a rapist, but it’s also tremendously insensitive and insulting to rape victims who are biological women,” she said.

Braverman said the forces should not “monitor tweets that express critical gender views, or come forward to arrest someone who says a man can’t be a woman.” Those who hold critical views on gender believe that biological sex cannot be changed.

He said officers waving the rainbow Pride flag, a symbol of the LGBT+ community, police cars in Pride colors or police officers taking a knee at Black Lives Matter events were “unacceptable expressions of partisanship.”

Instead, he said police should adopt “strict neutrality even if it may mean offending some sections of society.”

Ms Braverman also revealed that the Home Office had canceled all contracts with Stonewall, which campaigns on LGBT issues.

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