The creator of Threes is back with a game about killing giant beasts


Threes designer Asher Vollmer launches a new studio, Vodeo Games, and announces the company’s first game, a turn-based adventure called Beast Breaker

Beast Breaker stars Skipper, a little mouse warrior who fights mosaic monsters. The game is based on tactical choices through pinball-like mechanics; players can also craft equipment to aid them on their journey. It’s heading to Nintendo Switch and PC this summer. In addition to today’s news, Vodeo has released a short trailer that showcases the game’s fast-paced gameplay and colorful art style.

On its website, Vodeo says it plans to release small, intimate games once a year “full of complex, interlocking systems that will take years to fully master.” The studio is already a second tease as part of his plan to work on multiple projects.

Since the release Threes, Vollmer has continued to work on other experimental projects, including a low-fi farmer simulator Royals and Apple Arcade Fantasy Title Guilds