The couple revealed how they realized they were both planning to propose at the SAME time

A couple has shared how they both chose the same moment to propose to each other while enjoying a snowy holiday in Eastern Europe.

dr London’s Bee Nichols was determined to get on one knee and pop the question to her ‘soulmate’ James Kavanagh – and was delighted when, moments later, her partner, who uses she/them pronouns, did exactly the same.

The double proposal came while the couple – who went to the same schools but lost touch for years afterwards – were vacationing in Latvia.

plant scientist dr. Nichols, 29, explains: “While we were away I arranged a dog sled ride and to a lookout tower and my idea was to propose at the top.

dr Bee Nichols and partner James Kavanagh revealed how they both set out to propose on a trip to Latvia… and Dr. Nichols, 29, from London, just managed to put James on the post

“When I got there it was pretty crowded and I was nervous and got very quiet. But then James and I thought, “Maybe they know I’m about to propose.”

She soon realized that the reason for the silence was that James also had something up his sleeve.

dr Nichols said, “They said something like, ‘I hope you don’t mind, I was going to propose too,’ and I gasped. I was so shocked that I accidentally said no. But I was like “No… I can’t believe you’re doing this”.’

Another tourist captured the moment on camera and Dr. Nichols tweeted the photos, which have since been viewed millions of times.

The computational plant scientist who uses simulations to study the effects of climate change attended the same schools as James in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire and even unknowingly ended up at the same university.

It'S Your Turn!  Moments Later, Dr.  Nichols Asked

It’s your turn! Moments later, Dr. Nichols asked

A Passerby Snapped Photos Of The Couple - Wearing Matching Hats - After Their Happy Moment In The Snow, And Their Story Has Since Gone Viral

A passerby snapped photos of the couple – wearing matching hats – after their happy moment in the snow, and their story has since gone viral

The Rings: The Couple Traded Rings After Their Double Proposal - Both Featuring Green Stones

The rings: The couple traded rings after their double proposal – both featuring green stones

She hadn’t seen her for years when the University of Leicester graduate, who is doing a masters at Imperial College London, temporarily returned to her childhood home in 2020.

James, 28, a PhD student at Imperial College London, had also returned home when the pandemic hit. They ended up meeting each other by joining the same running club.

“I recognized her somewhere and realized I played football with James’ brother and my brother was in the Boy Scouts with their parents,” said Dr. Nichols of the BBC.

The Pair, Former Schoolmates, Clashed During Lockdown As They Returned To Their Childhood Homes And Then Joined The Same Running Club

The pair, former schoolmates, clashed during lockdown as they returned to their childhood homes and then joined the same running club

Snowmance: Both Planned The Marriage Proposal After A Husky Sled Ride In Latvia

Snowmance: Both planned the marriage proposal after a husky sled ride in Latvia

Dr  Nichols Said,

dr Nichols said, “We knew[getting engaged]was the next step, but not until 2023. But it looked so romantic and I had found a ring[for James]to match mine.”

“We had a lot of mutual friends in secondary school and at university – we always almost met, but not quite.

“It was really sweet. James’ mum still has a tea towel that we made in elementary school that has both our names and our selfies on it.”

The couple began dating and last year bought Dr. Nichols before leaving for Latvia in the middle of last month.

“We knew[getting engaged]was the next step, but it wasn’t until 2023. But it looked so romantic and I had found a ring (for James) to match mine,” said Dr. nicholas

The photos on Twitter have now been viewed 4.4 million times.

The caption of Dr. Nichols read, “I don’t know much about soul mates but we had the same idea and wore matching hats.”

Well-wishers hailed the heartwarming story, with one commenting: “Congratulations! This is honestly the most adorable engagement story I’ve ever seen.” Another said: “So cute!”

dr Nichols added, “It’s really heartbreaking to see how this makes people smile. Thank you for the big declaration of love! We are really overwhelmed.”

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