The constellations that work best together are revealed – and the stars that you should avoid

Australian astrologer Pia Lehmann (photo) revealed which signs can best be reached in the workplace

Australian astrologer Pia Lehmann (photo) revealed which signs can best be reached in the workplace

Your zodiac sign may be the reason you can't get along well with your boss.

Australian astrologer Pia Lehmann looked at each of the twelve sun signs to decipher how they react as bosses and with which other members of the zodiac they work well.

From an & # 39; explosive & # 39; Aries leader to an ambitious Capricorn, these are the common characteristics that they display in the workforce.


Your Aries boss is a natural innovator and leader. They can be explosive, but do not hold resentment for long. Note that they want to WIN and be FIRST, Pia explained.

They work well with followers who share their dynamic approach. Remember that they lead.

If a company is in trouble, an Aries manager is often the person who seeks out.

If you are looking for an easy attitude or if your life is going through a phase where you cannot do your best, then do not work for an Aries boss. He expects overtime and rescheduling of your own plans to fit into business projects.

If you want a place with action, this is the one with whom you work.

You can win their hearts with honesty and enthusiasm, never with procrastination.

Compatible: The fire signs of Leo and Sagittarius must be able to get along well, since the enthusiasm is shared and you are spoken as frankly as Aries.

Difficulty: Capricorns. Your ambitions can clash. If you are a Cancer, you can easily feel hurt by the brash, fast-tempered Aries. If you are Libra, indecision is a characteristic that a Ram cannot tolerate. Aries does not try to please people but goes out no matter what other people think and does not mind standing on their toes.

If a company has problems, an Aries manager is often the person who seeks it out (stock image)

If a company has problems, an Aries manager is often the person who seeks it out (stock image)

If a company has problems, an Aries manager is often the person who seeks it out (stock image)


Your Taurus boss is safety conscious, practical, reliable and loyal. Their ideas can be solved if they don't like change, Pia said.

Do not confuse their mild, patient manner as a marshmallow. Their patience has a limit and can explode without warning when you least expect it.

The company is their kingdom, they are good with finances and are careful not to invest in new things too quickly.

You can win their hearts with loyalty and never with frivolous behavior.

Compatible: Virgo and Capricorn because they are both practical earth signs and must speak in the same language as their Taurean boss.

Difficulty: Leo can be too extravagant and may be bored by the conservative nature of the Taurean. Aquarius can become impatient because your ideas are innovative and new and your Taurus boss has a tendency to follow traditions and is slow to start.

Scorpio can go either way, it can be a mutual attraction or a rejection. Scorpio wants emotional safety and Taurus wants material safety. The boss of Taurus (ruled by Venus) may be hurt by the occasional stab of Scorpio (traditional ruler Mars).


Your clever Twin boss might be very entertaining with their stories. They can easily talk themselves out of a difficult situation, are restless and talented in multi-tasking.

They like ideas and theories. There will be change and it will never be boring. Gemini & # 39; s usually don't last long in the same position, so there might be room for you to climb the ladder.

You can win their hearts with a joke, but never with tears. Bring them more information, they will love it!

Compatible: With the other air signs of Aquarius and Libra that share their intellect and ideas and make a joke.

Difficulty: Virgo can be too pedantic and Pisces too sensitive and dreamy for an intellectual Gemini boss who is not really interested in deeper emotions.

Sagittarius can go either way. They love the big picture and a goal, as an employee you can get frustrated by the Gemini boss's information gathering, often change direction and perhaps be too fragmented and too many details for an Sagittarius who sees the big picture.

An Sagittarius employee can train if she works as a sales employee.


Your Cancer boss works hard: for money. Because money is their security. They are not greedy, but they know how to save money and are quite economical.

With their intuition they know what people want and they give it with a profit. They can be conservative, caring and maternal. Full of empathy and courtesy. You can learn a lot from cancer bosses, often they are home-made people. Family oriented, they can bring out the best in people.

They are tenacious, maternal, protective, emotional and have a good memory.

Win their heart: With a neat appearance, being polite and taking care of his family.

Compatible with: Scorpio and Pisces because they are empathetic water signs.

Difficulty: Aries is too outspoken and Libra – they spend too much money, perhaps for a more aesthetic office interior; from the cancer point of view, this is a pure waste of money.

Capricorn seems too cold and calculated for a cancer boss.


If you work for a Leo boss, you must be an excellent, diligent worker, Pia said.

Leo bosses know how to delegate, especially the everyday tasks. They have a huge ego and are not surprised if they take your idea as their own.

The Leo boss is very generous and lives above their budget. They love children and have a big heart. Leo bosses know how to surround themselves with people of fame and influence. Your life will never be boring for a Leo boss.

Win his heart: Admire them, pay them compliments, listen to them, thank them and do all the little chores for them. They will reward you and possibly your family.

Compatible with: Aries and Sagittarius. They are optimistic and share your enthusiasm and optimism. Virgo too, they would be ideal to perform the everyday tasks and attention to detail.

Difficulty: With Taurus – could be too conservative; with Scorpio there would be a power clash; and Aquarius is far too economical for a lion.

If you work for a Leo boss, you must be an excellent, diligent worker, Pia said (stock image)

If you work for a Leo boss, you must be an excellent, diligent worker, Pia said (stock image)

If you work for a Leo boss, you must be an excellent, diligent worker, Pia said (stock image)


Your Sagittarius boss is an entrepreneur par excellence. They see the big picture, opportunities do not end and are very optimistic. They like to act on an international level.

They fight hard for their beliefs. Remember that they see the big picture and are right. And they have the ability to talk themselves out of every situation.

Life will never be boring with an Sagittarius boss, there will always be new plans, great theories and you could actually learn a lot, since Sagittarius can be good teachers.

Win their heart: Don't sweat the little stuff. They do not have time for your complaints, after all, they are just closing another major business deal. You have to learn to make a lot of excuses for them and their way of giving people a backup.

Compatible: Ram and Leo share their fervent nature, optimism, leadership style and enthusiasm.

Difficulties with: Virgo is far too pedantic for them, without that big picture, Pisces should really be harder because they are very sensitive.

Gemini has a lot of information that might be too detailed for Sagittarius who would soon lose interest.


Your Virgo boss pays attention to details. They are very hardworking, clean and health conscious.

Not your typical CEO, they are often better at playing a background role for an analyst or a board advisor. They can be anxious and overwhelmed by too many details.

Stomach bosses are very reliable and sincere and honest, they don't mind rolling up their sleeves and working late. Their work ethic is unparalleled. And they will pay you what you are worth.

A Virgo boss can be critical, find fault, but doesn't want to be criticized because the ego is not that strong.

Win their heart: Try to be perfect and conscientious by not making mistakes and not criticizing them. Come on time and be practical and reliable.

Compatible: Taurus and Capricorn because they are usually reliable and stable.

Difficulty: Twins can be far too distracted and Sagittarius is too messy and outspoken for a Virgo.

Fishing is far too chaotic and sensitive to them.


Is your boss elegant? The best dressed in the company? And look good? Librans tend to have good taste and an eye for art in any form, Pia said.

They love harmony and are interested in resolving conflicts. There are many females among Libra bosses and they may be slightly more decisive than their males.

In general, librarians find it difficult to make a decision because they want to please everyone.

Libra bosses are creative both in thought and speech and manually. They have tact and know how to bring feuding parties together.

Win their heart: Be friendly, don't gossip and don't expect them to take sides. Talk about love and art and they will love it.

Compatible: Gemini and Aquarius fit their intellect.

Difficulty: Cancer and Capricorn. Cancer is far too emotional and concerned about the family and Capricorn is often factual and too strict and conservative for a Libra boss.

Aries may be too forward and self-centered for a Libra boss and Libra may feel threatened. Aries can be too brash and not polished enough for a refined Libra.

Is your boss elegant? The best dressed in the company? And look good? Librans have a tendency to have a good taste and an eye for art in whatever form, Pia said (stock image)

Is your boss elegant? The best dressed in the company? And look good? Librans have a tendency to have a good taste and an eye for art in whatever form, Pia said (stock image)

Is your boss elegant? The best dressed in the company? And look good? Librans have a tendency to have a good taste and an eye for art in whatever form, Pia said (stock image)


So your Scorpio boss is quiet and won't let you see through it? Yet they observe everything.

They know it just like an X-ray. They can be a doctor, a psychologist or a banker, it is always about wisdom and power. They need connection and therefore only feel safe if they really know you. And all your secrets too.

If you would rather keep your secret, do not work for them, for they will know. They may know your most intimate thoughts, but no one will guess theirs.

Unlike Leo or Ram who announce their ambitions, Scorpio keeps their secrets secret until they catch up with them all, very quietly. The determination and ambition of Scorpio is a fact.

There is no gray, because they like you and then they will help you and promote your career. If they don't like you, I doubt that you will stay.

Win their heart: By being completely loyal, reliable and mysterious. The selected few who work for them will form as an inner circle. They can be very suspicious, make sure you keep their faith.

Compatible: Cancer and Pisces have a similar intuition, but Scorpio KNOWS.

Difficulties with: Aquarius, Taurus or Leo because they would try to take over or do their own thing. That would not work because Scorpio wants control and strength.


Very ambitious and wants to climb the ladder in the right circles.

Not like a Leo with flamboyance, no, this is traditional, just like the Royals. A Capricorn boss is a very good businessman, good with numbers, who keeps control without taking the spotlight.

They are a very private person, shy in a way. Their home is in the office, perhaps decorated with family photos. To their employees, they are like a shepherd, a father figure, strict but honest.

In a way, the Capricorn has a heart for older people, successful people. They may be impressed by famous private schools or high-ranking relatives.

Win their heart: Don't waste time, be productive, motivated and recognize extra chores to do without being asked.

Compatible: Taurus and Virgo share the same realistic reality and an actual attitude.

Difficulty: Aries may be too competitive for a Capricorn boss and too impatient; Libra would spend too much money and be indecisive and talk too much on the phone with their friends.

Cancer likes to leave the office and go home; Capricorn feels at home in the office.


Your Aquarius boss can be very distant, impersonal and independent.

Future-oriented, wise with technical equipment, they can be a minimalist and an idealist.

We don't find many Aquarian bosses; they would feel bored by the office routine. They have no pleasure in leading others.

They like to be informed, but will never be shocked. They will never give you advice about your personal life; remember that they are detached.

Aquarius can be erratic and very changeable.

They pay you what you are worth, but no more. Money is not a driving force for Aquarius.

Win their heart: Community projects for the common good, save the whales, Greenpeace these are all topics that interest an Aquarius. Talk about time travel or something futuristic and they will love it.

Compatible: Gemini and Libra will share many interesting conversations.

Difficulty: Taurus cannot adjust so quickly to keep pace with its changes and Scorpio is power and money oriented – these fixed signs can clash with stubborn Aquarius who wants it their way, and so do they.

Leo tends to blink too much ego. I doubt that as a Leo employee you will be happy under an Aquarian boss. Aquarian bosses do not like people who live above their means.


Dreamy Pisces is hard to determine. Not your typical boss unless you are in the right industry.

Fish are very sensitive and sometimes find it hard to deal with the harshness of this world.

They are dreamers and unless they have a Capricorn moon or something similar, they find it difficult to be an authority in the business world.

They are a romantic, love nature; maybe run a dance studio or they are the CEO of the charity organization. Pisceans are formidable hotel directors, because they want to serve customers and humanity as a whole.

Win their heart: Be practical to make their dreams come true. Suggest them for traveling, they will love it.

Compatible: Cancer and Scorpio are empathetic water signs.

Difficulty: Gemini and Sagittarius – Gemini is too intellectual and Sagittarius is too candid and tactless for a sensitive Pisces era.

Pia Lehmann has been formally studying astrology for many years and is a gold medalist in the Federation of Australian astrologers.

She has been working as a qualified counseling astrologer for more than 20 years. See website:

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