The city-based competition of Call of Duty starts in January

professional Duty is changing enormously, and today Activision has revealed it is located in the city Duty League starts in January. The debut weekend will take place from 24 to 26 January in the Minneapolis Armory with 8,400 seats, organized by the CDL team Minnesota Røkkr. All 12 teams in the early competition will compete for the three-day event.


The CDL will be Activision's second outing in the world of e-sports competitions in the city. In 2016 the publisher launched the Overwatch League, which has steadily developed into real home and away games, for a structure that closely resembles that of a traditional sports competition. In 2020, OWL will finally deliver on that promise with a new structure in which individual teams & # 39; homestand weekends & # 39; organize a series of competitions that take place over the course of a weekend. The competitions are spread over 19 cities on three continents.

The CDL will follow a similar format. For the inaugural season the competition will consist of 12 clubs in the US, Canada, France and England. (Activision announced the first series of teams in May.) Like OWL, the teams will be owned and operated by a combination of names from traditional sports and e-sports. For example, the Guerillas in Los Angeles are owned by Kroenke Sports & Entertainment, which also operates the LA Rams of the NFL. Other teams will build on established, existing names of professionals Duty, including the Atlanta Faze (Faze Clan) and Optic Gaming Los Angeles.

“Building on the success of our city model in e-sports, it was first established by the Overwatch League, we are pleased to unite the historical passion for the Duty franchise with city-based fandom to create a competition to compete with the very best competitions in traditional sports in recognizing, celebrating and rewarding our players, ”said Activision CEO Bobby Kotick in a statement.