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THE CHIC LIST: Ten clever tricks from celebrities to stay stylish after 40

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With Arket pantsuit and Cos top, with Gucci bag

Have you noticed that many women become more elegant as they age? Among those in the public eye is Victoria Beckham, who, having recently turned 50, looks infinitely better than ever as a Spice Girl.

There’s also Angelina Jolie, who, at 48, always looks polished and put together, even in the midst of a turbulent divorce from Brad Pitt. Likewise former Gossip Girl star Kelly Rutherford, 55, in the relatable fashion outfits she posts on social media, and Rosamund Pike, 45, looking effortlessly chic and in control.

All of these famous women use clever little tricks to achieve the classy vibes they exude. Here are ten of them that you can easily copy without needing to have large bank balances.

With Arket pantsuit and Cos top, with Gucci bag

1. The most important thing these women have in common is that they keep their outfits very simple and minimalist.

2. They share a love of tailoring and structured pieces that add oodles of instant shine. Pantsuits, blazers and a crisp shirt are their secret weapons and they wear them in rotation.

3. Waist-defining garments, such as high-waisted maxi skirts, worn with a low heel, exude power and femininity, and you’ll never see any of these women in ill-fitting knitwear or sloppy tops.

4. They know what suits their body proportions and are all fans of the cropped cardigan and wide-leg pants.

THE CHIC LIST Ten clever tricks from celebrities to stay

5. An off-the-shoulder dress, one with an open back, or a well-placed slit are favorites for the red carpet or a social engagement. Being sexy after 40 can be achieved by showing a little, not all at once. Decide what your best asset is and show it off like crazy.

6. They all wear big sunglasses to give an air of mystery and attractiveness. Perfect for when you want to hide a tired face.

7. Timeless classics (trench coats, ballet flats and this season’s flared skirts) are part of her arsenal.

8. Victoria Beckham is particularly adept at blocking color, often mixed with a neutral palette.

9. Everyone enhances their outfits with a luxury bag and shoes. Angelina often wears the same designer accessories over and over again, which helps solidify her style.

10. Linen vests as tops are favorites, while flowy dresses with statement jewelry and a wicker bag come into play in summer.

Lastly, all of these women love the blow dryer, which keeps everything sleek and put together.

word up

Slogan tops are in fashion and look great with pants, jackets and blazers. I like this elegant navy blue one from indie brand Armario 44.

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Jigsaw always delivers when it comes to stylish accessories. These hoop earrings will match everything you wear.

the new fabric

Looking for a covetable raffia for summer? Sézane has a stylish range in its store. The Isabelle (right) with a shoulder strap caught my attention.



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