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The Canadian writer Delaney Hart exposes the enormous problems with Australia


A Canadian writer has described everything she dislikes about life in Australia.

Delaney Hart, who now lives in Melbourne, spoke of her “impressions of Australia” in a video posted to social media.

“Before anyone gets mad, there are a lot of good things about Australia and frankly there’s nothing just good or bad anywhere, including Canada,” she said.

First on her hit list was our obsession with slot machines.

“I think the slots are a very good example of how a government can mobilize a vice to make people think.

“To use a slot machine you don’t even have to think as hard as to use a slot machine, and those are pretty brainless,” Ms Hart said.

“There’s also flashing lights everywhere and pictures of fire-breathing dragons, and you sit in a big chair that’s really plush.”

“The whole thing really disgusts me, to be honest.”

She also called out Australian drinking culture by saying ‘people drink so much’.

“Nobody seems to be having fun, whether they’re sitting at the bar or at a party,” she continued.

‘No one dances at parties. No one dances at the bar. Nobody laughs. They are playing pool.

And when they dance, they take their pants off. I do not understand.’

Ms Hart claimed that the cost of medicines is outrageous in Australia.

“People think it’s new to smoke weed. To me, smoking weed is like going to a store and buying a bag of M&Ms.

‘It comes from the earth. It’s a plant,’ she said.

‘I also find it interesting that they call their inner city central business districts, because the inner city is not just for business. It should also be a place of culture, community and other things,” she said.

Canadian Delaney Hart (pictured) is not a fan of Australia’s drinking culture

Road rage and being stressed about parking are also pet hates.

“I don’t know where everyone is going so fast, and I don’t know why everyone thinks the car in front of them can hear them screaming,” she said.

“The only person who can hear you scream is me, and it’s driving me crazy. ‘It’s the same with parking – I’ve met so many Australians who start worrying about finding a good parking space 20 minutes before we get to our destination.

Ms. Hart also highlighted the nation’s self-deprecation in her list of critiques.

“I’m also really concerned about their self-esteem in general as a nation because they have the most self-deprecating humor I’ve ever heard. No one can take a compliment. No one can compliment themselves.

She also slammed bars “who think it’s acceptable” to charge $22 or more for an espresso martini.

“Everyone pays it simply because they have nowhere else to go. The charge is a normal acceptable price.”

The video ends with Mrs. Hart complaining about the dating scene.

“No one goes on dates. Australian girls ask me ‘how do you get a date’, as if they’re not women.’

“And the men I date, I’m myself and the men are amazed, like women don’t date I guess.”

Delaney Hart (pictured) has a long list of pet hates, but says there are also many good things about Australia

Delaney Hart (pictured) has a long list of pet hates, but says there are also many good things about Australia

Ms Hart’s perception of Australia led to a mixed image of Aussies.

“I’ve never heard anyone describe Australia so wrong,” one of them commented.

Another added: “I live in Australia, but I’ve never been to the Australia you’re talking about.”

“You must be with the wrong crowd and the wrong bar size,” one woman wrote.

But there were some Aussie who agreed.

‘This is so true, Australia is all this,’ said one man.

Ms Hart later shared a follow-up video of the good things she loved about Australia, including the diversity, the food, the walkable cities, mangoes, the ocean, the chillest people you’ll ever meet, the cafes and the libraries.

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